Five Home Systems You Need in Your New House

Fully automated homes are all the rage now in the U.S. and many parts of the world. Can you imagine being able to control the HVAC and heater of your home even if you’re not there? Can you imagine your house being ready for you once you start driving home? Imagine going home to a house that’s been warmed by your heating system. That’s the dream.

Thanks to technology, homes are smarter now. You can control a water softener system in Bountiful from one mainframe. You can even install these systems into your smartphone, enabling you to turn them on and off wherever you may be.

HVAC System

All homes in America have an HVAC system. It’s part of the requirements for living in a country that goes through four different seasons. During summertime, you need to crank up the air conditioning to cool the house’s interior. During winter, you need the heater to warm up the rooms and make them feel cozy again. You can control the system thermostat from one main controller or through voice recognition.

Water Softener System

If your water source causes lime buildup or calcium deposit, you’ll notice it immediately on your bathroom fixtures. You’ll get those annoying white spots and water stains on your faucet and showerheads. The calcium deposit will have a chalk-like texture that can clog showerheads. Although they don’t pose any serious health problems, they are annoying and unsightly. You can choose a manual or automatic water softener system. It removes calcium and magnesium from the water.

Home Security Camera System

Close-circuit cameras have gone a long way. No longer are they blurry or pixelated. They have a resolution of up to 1080p and 2K. You get your money’s worth by paying about $300 to $500 for the basic setup. Most of these cameras can connect via Wi-Fi to your phone. This means that you can watch what’s happening in and around your house even while you’re in the office.

Home Security System

Cameras are important, but you need a home security system that will alert you of intruders. You can get an advanced security system that connects to the local authorities. This way, once your system’s alarm goes off, a call will be made to the police. Help will come your way as soon as possible. Be careful entering the wrong password, or you’ll be penalized by the police. Also, you can get systems with voice or facial recognition features.

Smart Speaker System

You’ve probably heard of Alexa. Basically, you can ask Alexa about anything. You can ask the machine to play a song for you, research some information, tell you the time and weather, and remind you of appointments. Smart speakers are great because it feels like someone is always with you in the house. Some of these speakers have been designed to sound like actual human conversations.

It’s time to automate your homes. These smart systems will make it easier for you to control and manage your households. Also, for the security system, you should invest in a brand that will last for a long time and can’t be hacked. These are the kinds of investments that are worth your money.

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