After 5 Years of Ownership You May Need To Replace These Parts On Your RV or Mobile Home

While an RV can last for many years as it gets older some things will begin to go wrong and some parts that will need to be replaced. After five years of ownership, there are some common repairs and part replacements that will need to be made. An RV parts supplier Mansfield can help a person get the parts that they need so they can get back on the road again in no time.

Roof Leaks

A roofing leak is frustrating but is it not uncommon. The RV is always out in the elements and this can put it at risk for developing leaks. Cracks develop with age and motion on even the best-made models. If the roof does leak water can do a lot of damage to the interior. It can lead to part rusting and may even cause issues with the electrical system. Some things can be done to help prevent leaks. It is important to keep the RV under a UV resistant and waterproof cover. This will help prolong the life of the RV. This cover can be purchased at an RV parts supplier Mansfield. When the RV gets to be around 5 years old a new coat of RV roof sealant can be used. This can be used once a year to fix anything that may have become broken or is showing wear due to the weather.

Electrical System

There are some minor electrical issues that a person may be able to fix on their own. The outlets in the interior of the RV can be replaced. There may be issues due to the clip together style and they are easy to replace. The outlets may also become loose. They can be replaced with the same outlet boxes that are used inside the home. The RV may need batteries replaced. It may be a wise choice to go for a lithium battery because they last longer and they are lighter. They do not need as much maintenance once they are replaced. They are easy to install with a few simple parts.

Toilets and Water System

Most plumbing issues in the RV can be fixed. If the toilet is not flushing properly there may not be enough water available. A black water pipe drain is often left connected to a sewer connection. This is not a wise idea. The liquid waste will drain first and a sludgy material will be left behind. This can lead to a clog. If there is already a clog it can be removed using a snake. The snake can be sent down the drain and most of the time it can remove the clog.

Air Conditioning Unit

If the air conditioning unit is running but cold air is not coming out of the vent this may be a simple fix. The RV air vent filters may be dirty. They can be cleaned or they are inexpensive to replace. This should be done as part of routine maintenance. If the thermostat is not working it may need to be replaced. This can be done using common hand tools and a new and improved thermostat unit. If a person has some skills they may be able to install a completely new air conditioning unit. These can also be purchased from the RV supply store.

These are some RV repairs that a person can make on their own. Once their RV reaches 5 years old these and some other simple replacement and parts may need to be changed.

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