A Guide to Annual Spring Cleaning

We all love a clean home and for most people, the end of the winter sees the ideal time to take a long weekend to declutter our living space and carry out the annual spring clean. Most of us aren’t exactly excited by the prospect of cleaning the house from top to bottom, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that the project goes smoothly.

  • Pick a Dry Weekend – While the weather is never really predictable in New Zealand, try to find a weekend when there is little chance of rain, and a long weekend will give you that extra day, which will really make all the difference.
  • Acquire All the Necessary Cleaning Equipment – Either that or take advantage of the affordable house cleaning in Christchurch from an established local company, who will make short work of the clean while you and your family can spend a day or two sightseeing. The cleaning equipment you would need includes dusters, brooms, mops and buckets, plus lots a bin bags for the rubbish you have accumulated throughout the year.
  • Hire a Skip – You will be surprised at how much junk and rubbish you will find, so make sure you hire a small skip and have it delivered on the day you start the clean. Of course, if you call in a home cleaning specialist, you won’t need a skip, as they remove all the rubbish when they have finished the clean. You might think you don’t have much junk, but once you’ve checked the attic and the spare room, that will soon change.
  • Work to a System – The professional house cleaners start upstairs and cleaning one room at a time, they work their way down to the ground floor, finally finishing at the front or back door. If you are going to tackle this yourself, make sure you enlist the help of family members, and if you are very lucky, you might find a good friend who is prepared to give up their weekend, and with the promise of a few cold beers at the end, you might have a valuable aid.
  • Be Organised – One could view this as a military operation, with every team member knowing their role, and with one person removing and bagging the rubbish, while another goes around all the rooms with a long-handle duster and does the ceilings and walls (after the furniture and floors are covered), you will quickly make progress. Always leave at least 15 minutes after the dust, to allow the dust to settle, and then you can begin with the window cleaning.
  • Use the Garden – Absolutely everything that is not wanted should be taken to a designated area of your outdoor space, ready for the skip. You can also leave furniture outside, if it is only for a couple of hours, but watch those clouds and be prepared for a rapid removal.

If you plan the operation, cleaning your home is no big deal, and, if you would rather leave it to the pros, an online search will help you find a local house cleaning firm.

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