Understanding Different Types of Solar Installations

In the last few years, solar installations have been picking up the pace in Australia and across the world for that matter. With the increasing demand for solar power, it makes sense to educate ourselves with the different types of solar installations available to us. Solar power is now affordable and has become the most sustainable source of electricity for homes and businesses. Let’s take you through the most common types of solar installations and their benefits.


A grid connected solar system is where energy produced from the solar panels installed on your roof is fed back into the grid. It works by converting DC power into AC power to supply the energy needed to run your home. The energy supplied by your system depends on the amount of sunlight available on your rooftop. If you want to reduce your electricity costs, this installation type is perfect for you as you get paid for the energy that you feed back into the grid. If you are considering a Grid-Connected Solar system installation, make sure to request solar quotes in Sydney from trusted solar installation providers.


An off grid system is not connected to the grid and stores energy in batteries during the day to power your home at night. This type of system is beneficial in areas that are isolated or far from the electricity grid. It is perfect for people who want to live off-grid or want a sustainable source of electricity for their vacation homes. If you want to install an off grid solar system, make sure to hire a professional installer that can ensure that the installation complies with the industry standards.

Hybrid Solar System

The hybrid solar system is an innovative type of system that combines both grid and off-grid systems. It can feed excess energy back into the grid and store some to be used at night. It is ideal for people who want to have control over their electricity source and reduce their electricity bills. It is also a perfect installation type for people living in areas with blackouts or power outages.

Floating Solar System

The floating system is gaining in popularity and as the name suggests, solar panels are installed on water bodies such as a dam or lake. It is beneficial for businesses and municipalities that own large bodies of water and want to generate electricity sustainably. The Floating Solar System is more efficient than conventional solar systems as the water acts as a coolant, and the panels receive more unobstructed sunlight.

Solar installations have evolved over the years and have become more affordable, sustainable, and innovative. They are customisable for every individual’s or business’s needs. With the increasing demand for solar power, it is essential to understand the different types of installations available and their benefits. SunBrite Solar provides solar quotes in Sydney, and they have professional and experienced installers that can help you make the right decision for your solar installation needs.

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