Spring Home Maintenance Tips

After a long cold winter, spring is a warm welcome. But let us be honest; being a homeowner can seem like a never-ending job. There’s a long list of things that need to get done, especially now that the threat of winter storms has passed. With spring almost here and the days finally becoming longer and warmer, now is the ideal time to look for any damages and catch up on the to-do list.

To get on top of your spring-cleaning and maintenance, you should make a checklist of whatever needs your attention and go about fixing it. For bigger maintenance jobs, you can reach us at https://valleydrc.com/.

Reseal exterior woodwork

Wooden decks, railings, fences, other outdoor constructions will last longer and stay in better shape if they are sealed every year, especially before the arrival of monsoons.


From the start of March to the end of May, keep an eye out for these pesky winged insects. Termites crowd in the spring, and if you find a big collection of termites flying out of a hole in the woodwork, you should immediately call a licensed pest control company.


As soon as spring begins, be sure to clean your gutters, as clogged drains can cause wood trims to rot. They also house critters and insects, which then may end up being a health hazard. Having the gutters cleaned early in the season also prevents them from being damaged by the spring rains.


Winter storms take a toll on the roof, and with the advent of spring, it is essential to start by making a visual inspection of the roof. You don’t necessarily have to get the ladder. You could use binoculars, drones, or even the telephoto feature of a smartphone to see if the roof is damaged. It would help if you looked for missing pieces of shingles, damaged or missing metal pipes, or anything else that doesn’t look right to you. In case you notice anything that needs further inspection, call a roofer.


When the paint on the exterior of your home chips/peels away, it exposes the woodwork of the house, specifically around the windows and doors. Prepping and painting them increases their life while also stopping termite infestation.

While you are it, don’t forget to check the seals around the doors and windows as well.

Air Conditioning

Preventive maintenance is a valuable approach to make sure you don’t face problems later. Servicing your AC unit prolongs its life, and while preparing you for the scorching heat of summers.


Now that winter is over, so is the need for a fire. You should remove all the wood stored near the home. Do note that firewood should be stored at least 18 inches off the ground and 2 feet away from any structure.


Sometimes being a homeowner may mean a never-ending list of chores, but by making a checklist and dividing the work over a few weekends, the task will not seem as extensive.

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