Revitalise The Exterior of Your Home & Give It A Facelift

Replacing any home’s faded Upvc windows and doors is a costly business, especially if the building in question is a larger building with many windows. There is a relatively new process for homeowners to consider that is an alternative to replacement and will extend the life of the existing fixtures for another 10 – 15 years. This process is called Upvc window spraying and involves painting the Upvc with your chosen colour; the modern paint revitalises your tired windows and protects them for the foreseeable future. We’ll look at the process involved with this superb home improvement and discuss its applications in the residential and commercial sectors.

The Process

Maintaining your home’s upkeep and overall exterior look is crucially important as it reflects on both you and your family; by using Upvc window spraying, you can refresh and transform your home. The whole process is normally completed by an experienced team in a single day, leaving you with windows and doors that are protected against the elements for another 10+ years. The work follows these steps –

  • Firstly, the area is cleared of any obstructions and sheeting is laid down to protect from overspray.
  • The surfaces are cleaned, degreased, and prepared for spraying.
  • All the mastic sealant is removed to ensure full coverage of paint.
  • The Upvc frames are then rubbed with an abrasive, which is essential for the paint to bond with the surface.
  • Brickwork and glass are then masked with tape again to protect from overspray.
  • The spraying then takes place; two coats are applied, a mist coat followed by a final finishing topcoat.
  • With this process, the paint is dry fairly quickly; areas are de-masked.
  • The sealant is re-applied in a matching colour to finish the process.

This fairly simple process leaves your windows and doors looking fantastic. If you’ve chosen a new colour, your home is transformed, and its aesthetic qualities improved beyond your wildest expectations.

Other Applications

The Upvc spraying process is great for the environment as it delays your unrecyclable Upvc fixtures ending up in landfills, but it’s not only windows and doors that can be refreshed in this manner. Upvc spraying in chosen paint colour can also reinvigorate other areas of your home, including –

  • Gutters, fascias, and soffits.
  • Garage doors.
  • Conservatories and garden rooms.
  • Summer houses and pool rooms.

Spraying can give your home a complete facelift; in some cases, even the roof and walls can benefit from this unique modern process which provides all the surfaces with a welcome UV protection upgrade.

Refresh Your Kitchen Too

Upvc spraying is also being used inside homes; replacing your kitchen is similar to the windows in that it is also a costly exercise and requires substantial investment when modernisation is needed. A respray using this process is the perfect answer; cupboard doors, drawer fronts, and plinths can all benefit from a refreshing new finish transforming the hub of your home for many years without any messy extended working.

If your home is looking a bit tired or if you’re worried about the cost of new windows and doors, give your local Upvc spraying specialist a call today – you won’t regret it.

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