Ready to Build that Deck? Ask Your Local Deck Builders These Questions

There is no arguing that a deck is a relaxing retreat. It can almost feel as though it is an extension of the indoor living space. By creating a relaxing and comfortable spot to unwind outdoors it can make homeowners love their home even more. A well-built deck can last for a very long time as long as the proper upkeep is maintained. Some decks require more upkeep than others so it is important to discuss this with the contractor installing the deck.

Ask The Contractor These Questions:

  • What type of deck will work best on my property?
  • What material is best for my climate?
  • Do you have multiple design ideas?
  • Why would I want a pool deck?
  • What is the time frame for installation?
  • What is to code for my area?
  • Are there any hidden fees?

Once these questions are answered then you can begin to consider all of the reasons why you would want a deck and how you would utilize it. Keep accurate notes and get several quotes before you have the job completed.

Why Build A Deck?

Decks are used to extend the indoor living space to the great outdoors. There are actually quite a few reasons why someone would want to add a deck to their home design. These reasons include:

  • Create an oasis right off the master bedroom
  • Make a space to lounge poolside
  • Establish an outdoor cooking and relaxing spot

When it is time to have the deck built the homeowner will want to find local deck builders to assist in the plans. The company of choice will be able to check for any underground utility lines, have knowledge on the topography and soil and troubleshoot any problems that may arise regarding structural integrity. It is best to use reliable well-liked local deck builders to ensure the job is done right and will last for a long time.

Create An Oasis Right Off The Master Bedroom

There are many types of decks but one leisurely deck that a lot of people enjoy are ones that extend off the master bedroom. This allows the homeowner to walk right out a patio door and take in some fresh air. These are typically smaller decks that allow seating for only one or two individuals. It is an ideal spot for some morning coffee. These decks can be elevated if the master bedroom is on the second floor of the house and this then adds beautiful morning views while enjoying the morning beverage of choice.

Make A Space To Lounge Poolside

Some of the most popular decks are pool decks. Above ground pools are very common in suburbia and what better way to bask in the sun than on a pool deck. These are elevated a few feet off the ground and can wrap partially or entirely around the pool depending upon local codes and ordinances. These impressive pool decks can be multi-level and connect to a house deck as well. Pool decks are typically large enough to host several lounge chairs for adequate sunning.

Establish A Outdoor Cooking and Relaxation Spot

Decks are also built off the back or side of a house where a kitchen or family space is located. This extends the entertaining space for guests. These decks are typically larger and have a lounge area with indoor/outdoor furniture as well as a fire table in some cases. Grilling nooks can be established so food can easily be prepped with plenty of space. These decks can be multi-level decks and connect to smaller bedroom decks or pool decks.

Decks can provide nearly year-round entertainment and lounging space. Depending upon the climate they may actually be utilized nearly every day of the year. In addition to wooden decks there are other materials that can be utilized that may be more costly and last longer. The design professionals will be able to help determine what material will do best in your local climate and then help provide the best design plan possible.

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