HVAC 101: A Quick Overview of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning!

Businesses are responsible for maintaining a clean and safe work environment, and besides other things, it is necessary to keep a check on indoor air quality. While regular servicing of HVAC units is necessary, managers must also pay attention to air duct cleaning and sealing. Polluted indoor air can be a real matter of concern, and the last thing you would want is employees taking leaves because of allergies and other health issues related to poor indoor air at work. If you want to keep a check on these issues, you must hire a contractor for commercial air duct cleaners.

Should we spend on air duct cleaning for the workplace?

Well, this is a common question that businesses often have in mind. If you consider the list of contaminants found in air ducts, you would be surprised. From bacteria and mold to viruses, pollens, rodent droppings and even insects, air ducts are often filled with filthy things that are not always visible to the naked eye. People work in that space, and unclean and poor indoor air could be responsible for numerous health issues. To add to that, if the air ducts are leaking or there are issues with sealing, chances are high that performance of HVAC units will be compromised. Spending on commercial air duct cleaning is still a better idea, if you consider the costs of repairing the unit or extensive maintenance contracts.

How frequently do we need air duct cleaning?

Well, it depends. Keep in mind that HVAC units run around the work at most workplaces and offices, which also means that the air ducts are also in use. Any leak or an issue in air duct blockage can have serious consequences, apart from the fact that you would be spending huge in energy bills. At the very least, you should be asking for air duct cleaning at least once every year. If cleaning is not required, the professionals can come over and complete an inspection, so that leaks and debris built-up can be avoided.

In conclusion

If you are hiring a company for air duct cleaning¸ you should consider asking for an estimate in advance. Only when the professionals and repairmen have done a visual check, they can offer a quote, which should be inclusive of all costs. Check online now to find more on air duct cleaning services in your city and get them for an inspection today.

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