Elevate the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home by Choosing the Right Throw

There are many cost-effective ways to add style to your home. One among them is throw blankets. With some creativity, you can transform the aesthetics of your room. Apart from being functional, they give your home a cozy look. There are a number of trendy designs to choose from.

Home Fest décor has an extensive collection of throws. They are the top choice for many in Colorado because of their quality products and timely delivery. Browse through their online catalogue and choose the one that suits your home. Confused about which one to choose? The following are the popular picks.

  • Alpaca Throw: It is one the luxurious fabrics and feels softer than wool. This lightweight fabric is rarer than cashmere and three times warmer than wool. If you are not new to Alpaca you’ll agree when we say it is a true jewel among other synthetic harsh fibers.
  • Plaid: It is hard to go wrong with plaids when it comes to styling. This classic style is both cozy and inviting.
  • Lighter than wool: If you find thick wool too heavy and unsuitable for your climate, choose something light and airy whilst being thick.
  • Sweater material: Don’t we all have a favorite sweater that is our go-to option during winters and rainy season? Get a cable-knit cotton throw for your reading chair.
  • Bold prints: Do you want to ditch the neutrals and go for something bold? Try bold prints and colors to make your room explode with colors.

Selecting a throw with respect to room style:

Every one of us is inclined towards a particular style. If you know the dos and don’ts to style the throw according to the design style, the aesthetics of the room will be accentuated.

Mid-century modern: They include design elements with including geometric shapes, organic curves and minimal styling. Choose a clean-looking throw rather than floral and prints. If you want to include color, opt for at most 2 colors of variation.

Minimalist: Go for color-blocked or neural throws. If you want to match it with other furnishings like couch and walls, choose chunky-knit fabric.

Traditional: It refers to gentle curves, comfortable, matching furnishings placed in the centre of a room in pairs, beige tones and classic light lamps. Choose consistent pattern throws in bold colors.

Eclectic: Eclectic refers to a blend of time periods in the right proportions. It is not about matching all the furnishings. It is about achieving a balance between them. Go for bright throws or unique ones.

Choosing the perfect throw for your room is a breeze with this guide. Style it in a dashing way and wow your guests.

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