Different Types Of Doors You Can Install For Your Patio

You can find that the doors you have on your patio can limit the access you have to your garden. In turn, this will mean you do not use your outdoor space as much as you could. One way to combat this is to install convenient doors to the rear of your home to transform your outdoor space and ensure you use it more. Below are some of the different types of patio doors you can install in your home, so you know what options are available when you look to improve what you have.

Sliding Patio Doors

One of the most common types of doors people have leading to their back garden is sliding patio doors. You can see these in homes throughout the UK, and most new houses are built with these as they are a cost-effective option. They are an uncomplicated option, so there is less to go wrong with them, and they are also simple to maintain if you keep the runners free from debris. However, they all look the same and even changing the frames does not alter their appearance much, so if you are looking for something a little different, you may want to select an alternative option.

Bifolding Patio Doors

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years is adding bi-fold doors to your property. Bi-fold doors are available in various sizes and designs, and they can open your indoor space to the outside world. You can even have them running the entire length of the back of your home, depending on your layout, and they will help ensure you use your outdoor space more. The doors fold and slide and do not take up much space when opened and, when installed, will look fantastic in almost any home. They are an expensive option, but when you invest in quality bi-folding doors, they can last a long time when you maintain them correctly and take good care of them.

French Doors For Your Patio

There was a time when only the more expensive houses would have French doors in the back gardens, but many homes have them today. They are like regular doors but have glass panels, so they are transparent, and they also look like sliding doors, except they have traditional handles and open differently. You can get French doors in various styles and designs, and you can also use a variety of materials to make them. They can also be much more convenient than bi-fold doors and allows you to open and close them quickly, as you would a regular door.

These are a few of the options you have for the doors opening to your garden. It is worth looking at and comparing all the options available to see which you prefer. Take your time deciding and ensure you invest in quality doors for your home. Otherwise, you may have to replace them sooner than you think and spend much more money than you wanted to for your doors.

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