3 Ways to Keep Burglars Out of Your Garage

Homeowners often forget that their garage is a part of their home too. If it isn’t properly secured, thieves can access your home through your garage. We leave all kinds of expensive items in our garages, including cars and tools. If your garage isn’t as secure as the rest of your property, a burglar will take advantage of it. Here are 3 great ways to keep thieves out of your garage and home.

  1. Replace or Upgrade Your Old Door

If your garage door needs repair or its just old and needs to be replaced, do it before it is targeted by a burglar. Many thieves go around different neighbourhoods looking for homes which display signs of weakness. If your garage door looks like it is ready to fall apart, your property could be earmarked by a burglar. Specialists in garage doors in Essex understand the importance of fitting a good product to protect your home. Aside from securing your property and making it safer to live in, adding a new door or upgrading your existing one has many other benefits, such as:

  • Improving the Aesthetics
  • Adding Value
  • Reduces Maintenance Requirements
  • More Convenience

Replacing an old garage door will have a positive impact on your garage and the rest of your property. Knowing when to upgrade or replace your existing garage door can be difficult. You’ll need to assess the unit to see how well it is functioning. If you’ve a manual garage door, you’ll benefits greatly from upgrading to an electric model. Modern garage doors are more robust and a lot harder to tamper with because of their security features.

  1. Install Security Lighting

Burglars like to work under the cover of darkness, so why not take away the element of surprise and install security lighting over your garage door. Thieves like to operate in the shadows and one of the best ways to take that away from them is to fit sensors which detect movement outside your home. Fitting modern motion activated security lighting over the garage door and around the windows will make any criminal think twice about trying to access your property. They are especially helpful if your garage is detached from your home.

  1. Assess the Landscape

This is an easy way to protect your garage and your home. Walk around your property to see if any trees or bushes provide hiding places for burglars. Although most thieves won’t come near your home during the day, some of the more brazen criminals will have no problems trying to access your garage if they think they won’t be seen. Make sure neighbours and pedestrians can see your home by removing large trees or shrubs near your garage.

There are many ways to keep thieves out of your garage and ultimately your home. The most effective measure you can take is to install a new door or upgrade your current one. If you’ve an old garage door which shows signs of deterioration, it is sensible to remove it and install a modern unit. When securing your garage, following the tips mentioned above.

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