The King’s Chamber and I.

Written by Ixarix; PSHG Team Writer You’ve just spent the last hour scouring the skies of Avalon Keep with your dragonfly, milking the space for every last jewel it can […]

Written by Ixarix; PSHG Team Writer

You’ve just spent the last hour scouring the skies of Avalon Keep with your dragonfly, milking the space for every last jewel it can muster.  You’ve talked to Gisele, Barlow and your other subjects until your voice has become hoarse.  Finally you have fed the beast in the dungeon Feeder Gnomes so many times your arm has started to suffer from repetitive strain disorder.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 04-11-2012 11-01-46

Poor Gerry the Gnome.

Now you just want to relax,  stretch out and get as far away from the maddening crowd as possible.

You are a tired king or queen and you just want to find a quiet corner in Avalon to retire to but until now your choices have been limited.  You could try lounging in the dining hall, but things tend to get rather raucous in there, especially when this guy starts dancing on the table.


PlayStation(R)Home Picture 8-17-2012 0-23-37

A solid gold dancer.

You could try camping out by the lake. This is a terrific option in the summer when the only things you have to worry about are dragonflies and fairies that buzz around.  But now that it is winter, well that just isn’t practical.

Juggernaut Home Screenshot_147

Winter by the pond.

Maybe you could tried relaxing in the dungeon just like I did recently when I stretched out on the grave of my long departed ancestor.

Juggernaut Home Screenshot_145

“I am stretched on your grave and will lie there forever.”

But finding you evening repose in a cold, dank, smelly dungeon isn’t for everyone.  Even if you do have a warm fire to curl up next to.

Juggernaut Home Screenshot_142

Thankfully our good friends at Heavy Water have come to the rescue, and finally opened up the King’s Chamber in the main tower of Avalon Keep, much to the relief of tired monarchs everywhere.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 15-12-2012 00-03-23


Now, once you are finished managing the business of your kingdom,  you can retire to your very own private chambers located conveniently above your throne room.

Observer Screenshot 12_18 AM 12_13_2012

Access to this area was previously block by a gate and a guard posted next to it who informed you that that portion of the Keep was still under construction.  Now for the modest prices of only $1.99 you can have your very own King’s Chamber for your Avalon Keep.  Thankfully, unlike the dungeon which required you to fill an extra quest from Giesel to gain access to it.  Once you purchase this expansion pack you’ll be granted instant access to the King’s chamber as soon as you arrive in the space.

Observer Screenshot 12_34 AM 12_13_2012

This isn’t as grand an expansion as when the dungeon was added to the Avalon Keep back in October.  But it is none the less a welcome addition to the space and fulfills Heavy Water commitment to continually update the space with new content. A slightly more modest addition, the King’s chamber does have some nice touches that demonstrate Heavy Waters attention to detail.   An example of this is the regal looking ceiling in this picture.  It is similar to the one found in the dinning room, but with the added touch of gold, it gives the room a more opulent, regal feel to it.

Observer Screenshot 12_39 AM 12_13_2012

Also this  space feels much more brighter than the other spaces in the tower. In addition, it provides a nice, bright counterpoint to the gloomy dungeon below.  I can easily imagine some dynamic young monarch taking a moment to rest here.

Juggernaut Home Screenshot_137

Reflect on what he needs to do next for the kingdom and perhaps wait for some skill court musician to come and serenade him.

Observer Screenshot 1_26 AM 12_14_2012_1



Juggernaut Home Screenshot_150

Past the entrance to the King’s chamber is another gate that is closed at the moment, what lies beyond this point is still a mystery.

Observer Screenshot 12_55 AM 12_14_2012


Yet, given Heavy Water’s commitment to frequently updating Avalon Keep, I’d say the prospect for future updates and expansions are looking up.

So until future Avalon updates, shall we dance?

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 15-12-2012 00-08-32



My thanks to Elmo-JO for playing the harp, and modeling for me.

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