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 Written by Ixarix; PSHG Team Writer   Jig Saw 2 They say revenge is a dish best served cold.  If that’s true then I’d  say the dish Sicccre serves up […]

 Written by Ixarix; PSHG Team Writer


Jig Saw 2

They say revenge is a dish best served cold.  If that’s true then I’d  say the dish Sicccre serves up in their new film Jig Saw  2 is anything but cold, in fact I’d say it is piping hot.  I know we’re supposed to adopt the attitude that it is wrong to wish harm on others, that we should turn the other cheek and let things roll off our backs. But sometimes, as is the case with most horror films, it is truly satisfying to see a real jerk finally get their comeuppance.

If you have spent any time in Home, heck if you’ve just started Home an hour ago, you have likely encountered some random person, who is in fact a jerk.  This person will ruin your day by making fun of you, try to pick you up, or to make you feel rotten when all you wanted to do is have a good time.  Or, perhaps you merely witness these acts of bullying and rudeness, I know I have and I’ve always fantasized that I get the chance to see the moment when the jerk finally gets what’s coming to them.

Well, thanks to Sicccre’s new film from PSTalent, I was able to indulge in that fantasy a little. The film starts off fairly innocuously,  we see some random guy running on a treadmill, the scene then cuts to the guy working out.   What I liked about these scenes is that Sicccre was able to establish that this guy thought he was pretty hot spit right from the start.  That’s what I gathered before I even saw him laughing at the random poor random dude and then I learned that he was in fact a big fat jerk.

So it was indeed deliciously satisfying when the jerk gets whacked on the head by a mysterious masked man.The film then cuts to some dungeon-like basement.

We see our protagonist confined to the basement, with some sort of weird, torturous contraption around his neck.  I must admit, this scene immediately reminded me of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and the scene towards the end of that film in which Mikael Blomkvist, finds himself confined to that film’s villian’s basement dungeon.  In that story, Lisbeth Salander came to Blomkvist’s rescue.

As I watched Sicccre’s film, I couldn’t help but wonder if the protagonist in it would have an Lisbeth Salander come to his rescue, would she even want to come to the rescue of a person like this?  Or would she be the one to meed out, sweet, sweet, revenge on behalf of us all.

Lisbeth Salander

The speech the masked person gives the jerk is indeed apt.  About how he spent his time on Home making fun of others, mocking them, bullying, and ruining other people’s fun while they try to play their games.  “Well, it’s now time to play my game,” he states.  Indeed the game the masked man comes up with is a fitting game for our protagonist’s, one that will force him to make a horrific choice.

I laughed at one aspect of the game and what the masked man wanted the guy to do in order to save himself,  I thought it was a rather fitting challenge for a bully on Home.

I love the horror film premise, it reminded me of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, but it will no doubt remind other viewers of some of the horror movies, or horror games they’ve played.  I liked this film, I thought it was fun, and appropriate for the Halloween season.


PSTalent-Halloween 2012 

Following Jig Saw 2 we are treated to a special Halloween film from PSTalent, filling the spot of their regular Spotlight episode, which will return on Wednesday.   I love double bill movies, where you get two movies for the price of one.  They are quite common around Halloween, so having two Halloween movies from PSTalent now is awesome and…

What was that?

Hmm, must have been the wind outside my window.

Anyway, where was I?  Ah yes, the Halloween movie from PSTalent.  This is another fun film written and directed by Director_on_Duty, or DOD.

This film within a film, opens with our beloved director watching a cheesy version of Frankenstein on his television.  It’s a fun movie and DOD seems to be enjoying himself as he watches it.

Shot in black in white,  we see the moment where the Monster is brought to life and its subsequent rebellion against its own creator.  The Frankenstein portion of the film was actually quite funny, the kind of thing you’d expect from a Halloween movie that isn’t trying to take itself to seriously.

However, the incorporation of the Frankenstein theme into the plot seems to me to be an indication on DOD’s part towards the theme of hubris. That man in his vanity  is often done-in by the very things he creates and…

Sorry,  the power went off there for a few seconds.

Back on track.

I do admire DOD’s filming technique.   For being able to incorporate shots of the movie’s DOD watching Frankenstein on his  television in his office.  It looks like the Frankenstein movie was a fun movie to film and I’m sure the actors involved had a lot of fun making it was well.

I laughed once the Frankenstein ended and the plot continued with DOD applauding the Frankenstein movie as the lights in his place suddenly go out and leave him in the dark.   I liked seeing some of the other horror film techniques incorporated as well, like the flashes of lightning,  going down to the basement to check the circuit breaker and the rattling of the door handle.  All classic horror film techniques we know by heart and all of which DOD seems completely oblivious to in this movie.

I thought it was neat how this film itself wound up being a sort of movie within a movie as well. Some of the images from the first film Jig Saw 2 carried over into the second film.  I won’t give away the ending.  But I will say this about it…

Excuse me, someone is at the door, I’ll be right back….

Editor’s Note: Ixarix submitted this article the other night, I attempted to contact him to see if he was finished but have gotten no response. No one has seen him since Saturday, we are extremely worried, he was eating a piece of Red Velvet cake and.. he didn’t finish it. We fear the worst. If you hear from him, please contact me to let me know he’s alright. 



A huge thank you to Director_on_Duty for granting me access to these films so that I might add some of their images to this article.

The picture of Noomi Repace playing Lisbeth Salander is taken from the internet.


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