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Written by AkumaPrince; PSHG WebMaster and Team Writer  I personally have been waiting for the release of this unit for quite some time.  When I first heard about it, I […]

Written by AkumaPrince; PSHG WebMaster and Team Writer 

I personally have been waiting for the release of this unit for quite some time.  When I first heard about it, I had to have it.  After doing some research and liking what I read almost immediately, I went down to my local GameStop and dropped some money on it to have it reserved.  It has been a long grueling few months but the date is finally here.  As of November 13th retailers have had these out and for sale.

Right off the bat I would like to say that this is not really meant to be used as a main television that you would put in your living room.  It is only 24inches but is wide-screen HD and works perfectly in a small room like a bedroom or if you’re in college, your dorm room.  Not to brag but I have a 52inch DLP (Digital Light Projection) Mitsubishi HD TV and it is great to play games on, but with the recent purchase of the PlayStation 3D TV, I have moved my PS3 into my bedroom where I have installed the unit.  I mostly did this to take advantage of the 3D gaming.

The picture quality is amazing, HD signals are as crystal clear as you possibly could get.  Even SD signals look great, with my current set up and satellite service I have a decent mixture of both HD and SD programming and I have no complaints.

The TV set itself only has 3 inputs; 2 HDMI connections and 1 Component Video connection.  Even though this is a TV, it does not have any kind of coaxial connection so no matter what, you must have HD devices or at least devices that are HD compatible.

Here is what you get in the box if bought brand new, that is.  There is one pair of 3D glasses, one high quality HDMI cable, Motor Sport: Apocalypse, and of course the TV itself.  You can buy extra glasses at any retailer that sells the tv for $69.99.  Also here is an added bonus if you are looking to buy one of these.  If you purchase from GameStop, online or at a store, before December 20th you will also receive Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  It does not come in the box so make sure you get it from the clerk at check out.

The 3D quality is amazing and has lots of other features.  If you are playing co-op with a friend most games will do split screen, either top/bottom or side to side, and you have to make sure to watch your region of gameplay.  This is not so with the 3D TV.  As long as both players are wearing 3D glasses you can both watch your game full screen so no more trying to make sure your watching the right section.  This technology is called SimulView and hopefully will be integrated into newer 3D TVs from here out.

There is a few things that I am not happy with but the good outweighs the bad.  This TV does not come with a remote control but after calling Sony, any of the BlueRay remotes for the PS3 will work as will any Sony brand remote.

Also I found that the 3D only works when the PS3 is hooked up via HDMI.  This is not really a problem for most but since I make gaming videos and Machinima, I can not record from my PS3 if it is not connected via component video cables.  Only reason is because my Hauppauge HD PVR only has Inputs and Outputs for component video.  It is not really a problem for me because it is not too hard to switch between the two if I need to make a video, also I will be purchasing a second PS3 soon so that will alleviate this problem.  (Check out my Black Friday Deals article for more details on that and many other special offers.)

Other than that this unit is the best TV I have ever purchased.  Granted it is small but for me it meets all my needs and most of my expectations.  I hope Sony continues with this trend and maybe soon comes out with larger 3D TVs of this nature.

I have attached videos I have made featuring the 3D TV, unfortunately there is not a way I can show off its incredible 3D quality but you can see its awesome HD images.  Per requests of fans of my unboxing videos, I also made a handful of gaming videos to show how certain games look on this set.  If there are any questions or requests of any kind please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will answer/accommodate in any way I can.

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