DCUO Platinum Guide: tips on an easy platinum.

Written by Stryctnin; PSHG Co-founder and Team Writer.   DC Universe Online recently hit the PSN store as a free download and I quickly jumped on the opportunity to play […]

Written by Stryctnin; PSHG Co-founder and Team Writer.


DC Universe Online recently hit the PSN store as a free download and I quickly jumped on the opportunity to play it.  Unfortunately, being a trophy hunter that I am, one drawback of the free release is that the trophies do not unlock unless you upgrade to Legendary status, which is a subscription fee.  Deciding that I wanted to earn the trophies while I played the game I purchased a month subscription which was $14.99 and set off on my journey.

I had played this when it was just a beta release and enjoyed it rather much, but the price tag of the game being 60 bucks plus an 18 dollar a month subscription fee at the time, turned me off from wanting to actually buy it.  So, I give much props to whose ever decision it was to make this free, however, I do feel bad for the people who purchased this at full price and subscribed to it at full price.  I know if I had done that and all of a sudden it was free to whoever wanted to play it, I would have a sickening feeling in my stomach over it and would be complaining to whoever would listen to me.  All in all, I would be trying to get some sort of refund.  Luckily, I don’t have to deal with that and can just enjoy playing the game and unlocking my trophies and obtaining the platinum for it.

I wanted to write this and chronicle my journey and also give you tips on how to platinum the game as well, if you wish to platinum it.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is, of course, purchase the Legendary upgrade.  Like I said, I purchased the month in hopes that I could get all the trophies within that month.  And, it is very possible for you to get the platinum in a month with a few days left to spare.  The game is not that hard at all and leveling up does take time, but is not that hard to do once you learn what you need to do.

My first character I created was called Stry.  She was a hero mentored by Batman.  Her power was Gadgets and her weapon was the rifle and she used Super-Speed to get around.  I made her and all my other characters in the PvE world.  The reason for this being PvP is open to villains vs heroes at any time.  So, while you’re doing your missions you can be attacked by another player and it can get really bothersome especially when high up levels just hang around mission areas and wait for low levels to come around, just to kill them.


Anyways, very important.  Make sure your character is mentored by Batman, has the power of Gadgets and has Super-Speed.  These factors will unlock the trophies.  After you have fought your way off of Brainiac’s ship and arrived in the police station, accept your first mission, then go outside into Gotham and look very close to you, there will be a racing challenge game.  Go to it and start it and you should have no problem at all completing it and earning a platinum medal in it which will unlock the trophy Platinum Pace.

Great your first trophy in the game and it’s a gold one at that!

Now, will come the long haul of leveling up.  Actually, it’s not going to be that bad.

The best and easiest way to level up is by doing the missions.  Open up your Hero PDA by pressing Start and go to the Journal, here you will see your available quests and missions, incomplete and complete.  Make sure when you complete one to click X on it to accept it and you will receive EXP.  When you accept a mission follow your mini map, which will show you where to go with a large yellow triangle.  When you reach the area you need to fight in, it will tell you what objectives you need to accomplish for you to move on to the next area.  You may need to beat 20 bad guys, break 5 things, heal 10 citizens or find samples of something important.  Before you start look around the area, around the edge of the fighting zone and usually you will find a bluish purple glowing cone of light with an NPC (Non Playable Character) standing in it; this is a side quest and you should accept it and complete it.  There is almost one at every mission location somewhere.  Sometimes there are even 2 or 3 of them, so always look around and do them.  They help a lot with leveling up fast.  Once you have played through your first play-through, finding them will be a lot easier because you’ll know where to look.

Besides the side quests, there are green exclamations that you can walk up to and hold circle.  They are around each of your missions as well.  Each mission will have anywhere between 4 to 7 to collect and they will be around each area you have your missions in.  If  you collect them all you get items and EXP.  It really helps to find them all as it will help you to level up even faster.

In the police stations there are Wanted posters, go to them and hold circle and you will get a mission to find a certain enemy wandering around town.  Examples of these are Solomon Grundy, Clayface, Bizarro and Fullhouse.  They are easy to find, all you need to do is click on the mission in your PDA and follow the yellow triangle to the area.  They take some time to spawn in so you will probably wait around for a while till they show up. They will be extremely hard to beat, in fact, you will probably die trying to fight them unless there are a lot of other players fighting them as well.  However, if you can hang in there, beating them and then turning the mission in back at the Police station will earn you some nice EXP.

They will come in extremely handy towards the end when you are close to level 30 and have completed all the story line quests.  By the end you should be level 29 with just a few bars left till you hit 30, so just keep doing the Wanted missions…probably just 2 or 3 will do it and you will hit 30.

Also, when you are asked to go into the Watchtower for the first time, you will have a mission to tour it.  Make sure you take that as that is easy EXP.  And, also at the Police stations is a kiosk for touring the cities with Booster Gold as your tour guide, do them as well for more easy EXP.

When you hit level ten with this styled up character you will receive the silver trophy Mission Control.  And when you hit level 30 you will receive 2 more gold trophies; Knight for Justice and Speedster Supreme.

So your first play through you should have learned your way around, found all exclamations and side quests and have earned 4 trophies.

Platinum Pace – Earn a platinum medal in any race

Mission Control – Achieve level 10 and gain the Controller Role

Knight for Justice – Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Batman

Speedster Supreme – Achieve level 30 as a speedster

Your second play through should go a whole lot faster as you should know now where to find stuff.  So for my second run, my characters name was Metropolis Prime and he was a hero mentored by Superman, his power was nature and he used dual pistols and acrobatics as his movement.

Metropolis Prime!

This time you should get 3 trophies.

The Healing Touch – Achieve level 10 and gain the Healer Role

Acrobatic Ace – Achieve level 30 as an acrobat

Champion of Earth – Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Superman

Then, your third play through you’ll need to make a character like this.  My third characters name was Anna Stazia, a hero mentored by Wonder Woman whose power was Fire and used Brawling as her weapon and Flight as her movement.

Anna Stazia!

This will net you 3 more trophies.

Tanks Very Much – Achieve level 10 and gain the Tank Role

Warrior of Truth – Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Wonder Woman

Fearless Flier – Achieve level 30 as a flyer

With all that done, three play throughs etched on your belt, all that’s left is 3 trophies and the platinum is yours.  However, those three trophies are 3 more play throughs.  Now, you will need to play as a character mentored by each of the villains; Joker, Lex Luthor and Circe.  Powers and movements don’t matter now as you should have unlocked them already, but, if you didn’t for what ever reason then just make sure you equip that ability you’re missing to any one of these characters and go at it.

One big tip that will help a whole lot, make sure you have a friend playing with you.  If you have a friend that has leveled up to 30 and can run around with you to help you beat the missions it will make it go by so much faster.  But it is completely possible to platinum this by yourself, it just makes the game a whole lot more fun when you have a friend or group of friends with you.  Also, when you arrive at your mission destination, look around and see if anyone else is in the area.  Usually you can ask if they would like to group and they will accept, it helps out when you get to the boss of the quest.

My last three characters were as followed:

M0RTEM, who was a villain mentored by Circe with the power of Nature and Hand Blast as Weapons and had the power of flight.


King Carn was a villain mentored by Lex Luthor, had mental powers and a two-handed weapon and also had flight.

King Carn!

And Stryctnin, a villain mentored by The Joker, used gadgets and a rifle and acrobatics as her movement.


When it’s all said and done, it should take you 3 days to level each character up to level 30.

The fun in DCUO doesn’t stop with the platinum or achieving level 30 with your character.  No, not at all.  There is plenty left to do in the game such as the level 30 missions that are extremely hard but a lot of fun to do.  There are duels you can do with other players.  There’s the searching for unique legendary armor, just to make your character even better.  So remember, play for fun, not for the trophies.  The trophies are an extra bonus that are there to prove that you have accomplished it and hell, while you’re playing it anyways, might as well earn the trophies.

I hope these tips help you out on your quest for the platinum.  Thanks for reading!





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