My name is Cynella and I am the founder of Here at PSHG, it has always been our goal to involve the community in as many articles as we can. Wether it is showcasing your talents as a writer, an artist or a decorator. As we move forward into 2014, we have decided to implement a new Submission system on the Gazette to encourage you to share your talents and ideas with us.

We also encourage you to submit your own articles. If we choose to publish them, we will contact you via email. So if you have an outfit you want to tell the world about, a space you would like to show off or anything else of interest, don’t hesitate to contact us today!



PSHG Director & Founder


(Please use your PSN ID as your name.) 

About the Author

Cynella is the founder of PS Home Gazette, and a member of several PlayStation Home clubs. She loves scouting out talent, events and other things that directly affect the Home and PlayStation Community. She has been a member of the Home Community since March 2009.