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PS Home Gazette is your source for upcoming PlayStation Home updates and events. Every day we will strive to bring you the latest reviews, from Home updates to anything concerning the PlayStation in general, we are gamers after all.

 At PS Home Gazette we take great pride in working as a team.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford 

 “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” ~John Donne


Director: Cynella

Cynella is the Director and Founder of PSHG.

Cynella is from Richmond, Virginia. She enjoys writing and video game culture. She loves scouting out talent, events and other things that directly affect the Home and PlayStation Community. She has been a member of the Home Community since March 2009.

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Assistant Director and Co-Founder: Stryctnin

Stryctnin is the Assistant Director and Co-Founder of PSHG.

He resides in Richmond, Va where he draws, paints and writes fiction. His avatar and gamer ID are of one of his created characters. He collects comic books and action figures. He has a massive Transformer collection. He prefers Star Trek over Star Wars. He is an avid video gamer and PSN trophy hunter.

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Assistant Director: Ixarix

Ixarix is an assistant librarian, he’s worked in an independent book store for a number of years.  He loves writing, reading and being creative. He studied theatre in university, but somehow wound-up working with books.  He joined the Home community  in January of 2012 and has grown to love it and the friends he’s made there.

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AAMCSYSTEMS has been a part of Home since Sept 2011.  In home you’ll likely find him playing Sodium 2, Novus Prime, Sodium One or in one of his personal spaces playing Minibots : Battlebox. He is currently addicted to DC Universe Online and heads up a column about DCUO.

“I’ve been a gamer since the old days of the original Nes. (mostly because television has sucked for the past decade but i digress) I like almost all kinds of games except for anything turn based and sports.”

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Team Writer: Chelada 

Chelada has been using Home since open beta started and was really drawn in during the Xi saga. He has his own Home talk show on YouTube named The Whole En-chelada under the username cheladapsn. Ever since Home came out he has been using Home more than gaming. In real life he’s a firefighter for the city of Detroit, MI a father of 3 and he’s trying to get back into preaching. He is a true hero and a great person although he will tell you otherwise.

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Team Writer: Checkershur 

Checkershur is a born gamer. There aren’t many things he won’t play. Some of his favorites include Resident Evil and the Mass Effect series. He doesn’t write too much based on the virtual world we participate in. You’ll most likely find him writing articles that pertain to real life events. If you’re lucky you might catch the odd game review.

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Team Writer: KitchenGorilla

The Kitchen Gorilla makes his living by cooking so he can enjoy his passion for writing.  He is a lover of all things Japanese, but not the best speaker. When not cooking he enjoys playing video games, weight lifting, anything Ancient Egypt, G. I. Joe., Star Wars,  cos-playing, heavy metal, and country music.

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Team Writer: Sean Kumpan

Sean is a lifelong lover of video games. An artist, he enjoys writing music, lyrics and poetry in his spare time. Writing is a huge passion of his. He has traveled almost half the country and can’t wait to do it more. He has a passion for food and deep philosophical conversations. The universe is the greatest mystery to him and is one of his biggest interests. He has a VERY open mind and is known to be very opinionated, but he is very fair and will always back up his opinions wholeheartedly. His biggest fears are not finding love and not leaving an impact once he passes on.

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About the Author

Cynella is the founder of PS Home Gazette, and a member of several PlayStation Home clubs. She loves scouting out talent, events and other things that directly affect the Home and PlayStation Community. She has been a member of the Home Community since March 2009.