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This is where we will have a list of all known clubs on Home. So if you want your club included in this list, submit a comment below and it […]

This is where we will have a list of all known clubs on Home. So if you want your club included in this list, submit a comment below and it will added to the database. Include links or a description if you like.

 New To Home?

home helpers

Home Helpers is a group devoted to helping the people of Home (newbies, beginners,  veterans…etc.) They try their best to help people find new items and even tell them about items coming soon. Need help on a game, we will offer tips on how to play and get the most out of your experience. If you are interested in joining you need to be at least 13. They are looking for friendly people who are willing to help. Must be knowledgeable or know where to find the correct information.  Contact the leader HappyHunterGames or the co-leader LindaSmith2006 via the PSN.





Themed Clubs

angels and demons

Angels & Demons 

(Formerly known as Wizardz N Witchz)

A UNITY Branch where u can meet new friends, Choose your faith between Angels and Demons as we have weekly Civil War Challenges based on PSHome games or user created content, Role Playing and have a good time, anyone is welcome!!

Meetings will be every Monday at 9pm eastern. 





Delphi is a club about breaking into everything and freeing your wings in the Home atmosphere. They deal with fashion, gaming, fun and just anything Home related. Interested in getting some item demos or in need of help, we would love to lend a hand. The Delphi clan is all about expressing ideas in the group so if you personally have a suggestion or something you want to do but don’t have the skills at that moment then somebody in the club will personally see to it that things are done.

Contact apollodecertus or elmo-jo for information about joining the club. 


diamond'z & platinum'z



DIAMOND’Z  & PLATINUM’Z is a fashion club for ladies and gentlemen who love PlayStation Home fashion! If you enjoy being creative with the outfits and accessories on PS Home, then join us and share fashion ideas while learning tips and tricks for making your avatar gorgeous and irresistible! You can find us  on the web at . For more information or to join contact KittyPonderosa via the PSN.

French Connection


French Connexion

The French Connexion is a clan that joins six clubs in PlayStation Home NA. It is meant to promote the usage of the French language (and proper translation) on the Internet in general and inside Home in particular. Of course the province of Québec is the main origin of our members but the clubs are open to any North-American francophone or francophile. Members can also find teammates to play in other online games. Our annual general meeting is on June 24th in the Playground area. Last year a total of 160 different users showed up. Our members often wear the Saints Row 2 T-shirt when gathering. The clubs are: qc ff conseilcentral (for club owners) qc ff lacitadelle (for chess player in the playground) qc ff codprestige (for call of duty online teams) qc ff maisondesjeunes (for those of us who younger) qc ff laurentides (a geographic club in that region) qc ff l’abitibien (another geographic club for those who live in Abitibi region).

You can find us easily using the pad with: clubs>search club> then put qc in the field. For more information contact DraveurQC Via the PSN.


GE 501st 

The GE 501st is a Stormtrooper Club on the Playstation Home. We are actively looking for new members. Please leave a message for Lieutenant General Destro on FaceBook or on the PSN screen name xxCOBRAxxDESTRO or contact Grand Admiral GuardianAngel at the email provided or via PSN screen name GuardianAngelz47 for more information.

Facebook Link 

Official Website 




Grand Paradiso

Grand Paradiso is a club that’s goal is to help out the Home Community at large, but also focuses on  gaming and hosting events. Looking for mature-minded people who are really about helping those who  need it. Let me start off by saying I will NOT tolerate any Drama. Anyone that violates the rules or  SONY’s TOS will face banishment from Grand Paradiso. I will implement an angelic  ranking system. It will be based heavily on one’s gamer level, and rank and  titles are based on the game Bayonetta. 

This club application is open to all, Bayonetta fans are strongly encouraged to apply (hopefully we can swap information and strategies). As for the  clubhouse itself, I own both the Basic and the Desert Haven clubhouses. Anyone  interested may contact me personally. Thank you, and hope to meet those  interested very soon.






Birthed during Home’s closed beta in 2008, the Homelings now enjoy dozens of Motherships and a number of social vessels in the realm of PlayStation Home. Join us 🙂 (Click on the Image below to visit their website.)

Imperial Security 

Imperial Security is club based round the Imperial Security Bureau from the Star Wars Films. We look to help the home community in anyway we can. We are always looking for members to join the club.

If interested please contact Grand Admiral DtigerUSA or Commander FastlegsUSA






Fellow veterans of the Home community, you notice us by our Reaper hoodies, we chill and kick it back with one another. No one in the group is a leader cause we decide on each other and we move with the decisions on all. We throw parties and contest for Home to keep the dust from settling. Keep a look out for us cause we have plans to stay with the community to keep to rocking.

Got a Reaper Hoodie and you want no drama zone, with good times, come join us.
Message “droweg” for club info.

See you around the community PS Home members.


Need Image

Royal House of Crystal-Sodium

The Royal House of Crystal-Sodium is looking for household staff and Knights to protect and defend the Royal Sodium Kingdom. Sodium Pilots are welcome to join as long as they are willing to help with training on S1 and S2, MUST HAVE A PILOTS JACKET TO JOIN.

If interested, message SirJake_Brookes, CJH180 or krystal-the-fox3.



Party Clubs




We are a Group of Individuals to make PlayStation Home a more Fun, Safe and Eventful enjoyable time for the community. We deliver creative events, meetings and giveaways to help community users have a more entertaining time using there PS3 (When on Home). We have weekly meetings and encourage anyone and everyone to come Join us.  Contact: Yaheard2008ep



legendary hurricanes


Legendary Hurricanes

Legendary Hurricanes is a club in Playstation Home that likes to get to together to have events, put out info, and try to help the best way we can to make PS Home as fun as possible. LH has been around since PS Home Beta, but was known as Louisiana Hurricanes. We are known for some great events in the PS Home like Mardi Gras and Prom, which we have held every year. We also conduct weekly meetings to put out info like the upcoming updates for both PS Home and PS Store, as well as any up coming events that we know about, and any other happens in the PS world.​​

Please contact lsutigersfan72, cajun4life, Steeler-Nation69, king_of_games30, Balthazar696, via PSN Network or Playstation Home.



Rich Girls of Home (RGOH)

The Rich Girls of Home is a social group in Home that is by invite only. It’s a place where women of taste and style come together to discuss Fashion, Money, Men and anything that will better themselves in Home or in everyday life. If you are interested in learning more about this club, contact:Wolfen40


Special Interest Groups


home tabernacle

Home Tabernacle

A Playstation Home based Christian group. Please join us for fellowship every Sunday 8:00pm est on Home. Send Praise-B a message for an invite. Hope to see you there. God Bless.





Hulk Boom 

We are the Hulk Boom, here to stop people on Home from being bullied. We have a system and a structure and stick to it. If you are being bullied or would like to help stop bullying, contact me elchicoadamd or my friend The LTG of the club Blacksraven. To learn more about us click HERE.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook at:


About the Author

Cynella is the founder of PS Home Gazette, and a member of several PlayStation Home clubs. She loves scouting out talent, events and other things that directly affect the Home and PlayStation Community. She has been a member of the Home Community since March 2009.