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Written by Stryctnin; Gazette Co-founder. A few days ago Sony announced it would add trophy support to Playstation Home.  Personally, I was excited about this, mostly because I love collecting […]

Written by Stryctnin; Gazette Co-founder.

A few days ago Sony announced it would add trophy support to Playstation Home.  Personally, I was excited about this, mostly because I love collecting trophies for games I like to play.  I try to obtain 100% or platinum a game that I really like and think that it’s possible to do.  So I like trophies and I like Home so for me this is really a win/win situation.  So, here is the first set of trophies offered that you can earn in Home.

There are 13 trophies so far with 9 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold.  As massive as Home is, I was really looking forward to more but I’m sure, with time, they will add more.

Spaces that give free stuff:  Acorn Park, Aurora, Uproar, Mercia.  Also, if you have PS Plus you can enter the X7 Club and go to the bar inside, there is a free item tab with lots of free stuff.


Welcome Home – Log into Home

Easy enough…just click on the Home logo located underneath the trophy list on the XMB.

A Place To Call My Own – Visit your Harbor Studio apartment

When you first log into Home, the first place you visit is your Harbor Studio.

Interior Designer – Use 15 unique, purchased or rewarded furniture items in an apartment

Press start to open your PDA and go to the decorating icon, throw down whatever items in furniture you have.  When you first start Home you have a few which consist of a couch, a chair, a table, another chair, and a storage unit.  You may need to hunt down some reward items or go find some freebies in a store to finish this if you don’t want to pay for anything.

Fresh Threads – Own 15 purchased or rewarded items

There are free clothing items scattered about, plus there are several spaces that you can visit or play a game to obtain items.   One good space to get some shirts is Singstar.

A New You – Change each item of clothing individually on a male or female avatar.

Simply press start to go to your PDA and click on the wardrobe icon, go into your clothing and change head, hands, torso, legs, feet and jewelry. You should have one of each item when you first log into Home, known as the default clothes.

A Documentary – Take a photo on 10 different days

Load into Home 10 days and press R1 and click on camera then press square to take a picture.

Welcome Guest – Visit a friend’s apartment

Have a friend invite you any one of their personal spaces.

Grand Explorer – Visit 20 unique spaces

Easy enough to just press start, go to the Navigator and pick any space you want to go look at, there are plenty of them in there.  This works with both public and personal spaces.   I went from one personal space to a public space back and forth.

Born To Dance – Perform 5 of the default dances

Click R1 and scroll down till you see dances, just click any 5 of those.


Where I Lay My Hat – Own 3 purchased or rewarded apartments or clubhouses

There are apartments that are rewards, the best and easiest way to get 2 of them…if they work…is by going to Aurora, you will get two automatically there.   Going to Midway will give you Darla’s Den and going to the Casino will give you the hotel.  Also, if you have Batman Arkham Asylum, just load the game up and it gives you the Batcave.

Brand New Toy – Own 3 purchased or rewarded portable items

These would be companions.  To access them you press start and go Personal then click on inventory.  There are a few freebie ones out there but most of them you will have to play a game to get.  The Trap-o-matic in Aurora gives out a reward every 24 hours. Also the Minibot arena will give companions.  There are also challenges that can be done daily that, when you level up, allows you to get spaces.  Mercia is also a good place to get items, when you first go there you get free clothes, if you play the game and level up you will get furniture items and companions that can help you with other trophies.

Nice Gadget – Own 15 purchased or rewarded furniture or active items

If you’re going for free rewards then look in the store, the Lockwood Gift Machine, Veemee Gift Machine and Giftonator are free, there are a few other items in the mall under furniture that are for free.  You may need to go to Acorn Park to get others, or have a friend invite you to a space that offers them.


There’s No Place Like Home – Visit Playstation Home on 50 different days

Just log into Home every day for fifty days and the trophy will pop.


If you’ve used Home before and have done all these, then they should pop the next time you go in there.  I was really hoping for more challenging trophies.  Something like beat Scribble Shooter or Ice Breaker.  Acorn Park trophies would have been nice as well.  How about a trophy for getting to level 100 in Aurora?  Or, what about a trophy for completing the Challenges?  I just hope they add on trophies for newer stuff…make things challenging.




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