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Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer So GU is here and there is one thing that gives me pause: the new Synthetic Mods. They are here, available for PVE and […]

Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer

So GU is here and there is one thing that gives me pause: the new Synthetic Mods.

They are here, available for PVE and PVP, they aren’t half bad and they are purchased with PVE/PVP currencies.   That last part is what gives me pause.  They are useful, but I’m wondering how long these little beauties will be worth their weight in gold.


Will they replace the real thing, no, that’s why they are called synthetic, but unless you have the absolute best gear, they will get the job done in most situations.  Look at the first picture: the highest level precision mod gives you 40 precision, for only 5 MOR.  As good as Precision Expert mod, no, but REAL close.  And I’m thinking, maybe a better alternative than that magical place, the Broker.

No, this isn’t the end of exobit farming, at least maybe not totally, but now everyone can mod their gear, not by hustling the broker, but by using in-game currencies, you can get mods the same way you got the gear you put them in, by……gasp!!!…..PLAYING THE GAME.  Just think of the repercussions!!

I remember when the last DLC came out. I made millions on mods, even the beta ones, people put them in the level 81-83 gear to get bonuses until they got better gear.  And now, a new DLC is just around the corner, with gear and weapons more powerful than anything else we have ever seen and its gonna need to be modded. Ultimately, they will need to be modded with experts.  But not everyone has millions of dollars for mods and farming for the bits takes time. For the cost of one T5 alert you can put a level 5 synthetic mod in your gear until you get the resources for an expert mod.  Nice huh?


And this is just the new gear, how many people do I see in T2, T3, T4 gear, with no mods, because they dont want to farm and who wants to farm exobits when they can use that time to punch the forces of evil in the face (or forces of good if that’s how you roll.  🙂 )   How many people have weak alt due to a lack of mods and SP, cause they are too busy on their main toon, well, this solves at least one of their problems.

Yes, its true, mods are cheaper now than ever before and no matter the level, they are called synthetic for a reason, they aren’t meant to be as good as the real thing, they aren’t even salvageable but for more than a few of us, 3 million is more money than we have ever had.  Yes, the real thing is better, but if you don’t have the resources, this is not a bad alternative at all.


So, is this a Brave New World of Leveling Up, doing it mostly by playing the game instead of farming, or something temporary?  What do you say mi gente?

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