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Written by Ixarix; PSHG Team Writer There is a lot of exciting content coming from Granzella this week so without further ado, let’s jump in and see what is coming. […]

Written by Ixarix; PSHG Team Writer

There is a lot of exciting content coming from Granzella this week so without further ado, let’s jump in and see what is coming.

North America region

Kikai is coming to North America!


The Kikai Machine Empire event will start in North America on July 25 at 10:00 pm Eastern/ 7:00 pm (Pacific) and lasts before the beginning of maintenance on August 7th.

After what seemed like an impossibly delay, get ready to grind ladies and gentleman, because the Kikai Machine Empire Event is posed to invade North America. There is a lot to this event, with several nice rewards to be had, for ranking well in the overall competition.  There other nice rewards for completing this event.

Included below are a list of equipment and such you can purchase to help you achieve victory over the mighty Kikai Machine Empire.


20130725_The KIKAI Machine Empire_job


There are 3 types of Jobs you can choose from in this event

Beam Samurai 

The Beam Samurai Weapons set contains the basic items for those whose choose to fight as Beam Samurai.  Beam Samurai are experts at direct attacks.  With their Beam Katana equipped their swords can unleash devastating combo attacks.

Honeycomb Hacker

The Honeycomb Hacker Weapon Set contains basic items for those who choose to fight as Honeycomb Hackers.  Hackers disrupt enemy computers with their hacking equipment and force the enemy into friendly fire situations where they fire on each other.

Battle Healer

The Battle Healer Weapon Set contains basic items for Battle Healers, who provide a more supportive role to their allies, healing them as needed while delivering devastating blows to the enemy with their fists of steel.

Booster Shoes – Locomotion (5 Colors)

Equipping the Booster Shoes will improve your jumping ability and change your jump attack into a dropkick.  They can be seen on the feet of the Beam Samurai in the poster above.

Battle Companions 

Why go into battle alone, when you can bring these trusty side kicks with you.  Each have their own strengths and characteristics which will be sure to aid you on your path to victory.

20130725_Partner Set


Attack Dog

These Attack type dogs are trustworthy companions that follow their master around and deliver body blows to any enemies they encounter.  They have a strong affinity for the Honeycomb Hackers, and display an increase in attack strength when accompanying them.


Recovery Rabbit

The rabbit is a recovery-type partner who will heal you at fixed intervals. They have a strong affinity for Beam samurai’s and display increased healing abilities when accompanying them.


Talking Radish

The talking radish is a support-type partner who follows the player around. Radishes are trustworthy companions that will enhance attacking strength, defensive strength, movement speed, and gauge increases at fixed intervals.


In addition to the equipment and pets,  Granzella is also releasing some fun furniture items in support of this event like the UFO model seen below.20130725_UFO


There is a Post – Transformation UFO that will also be made available. (Not shown)

Good Luck to all who participate in this event.

Granzella also has some other items that they will be releasing


Japan / EU 

Operation Defending Edo will receive an update in both the Japan and EU regions of Home.  I support of this update Granzella is releasing pair of new fighter types in support of this update.



Sincere Rorin

The outfits of  these warriors  who were active during the late Tokugawa period have arrived!

Granzella introduces the Sincere Ronin 3-piece Set.

Theses outfits of the Ronin warriors, who formed to protect the security of the nation at the end of the samurai period, are now available!

With their fluttering vivid blue cloth sleeves, and their impressive long hem design of both the haori and hakama.  These outfit will fill you with a sense of pure  justice. A ponytail with a hachigane headband hairstyle for both men and women, and a pair of sandals are also provided in this 3 piece set.

Much bravery and dignity with be displayed by the men and women who choose to wear these outfits. On the back of these outfits, against a blue background, the character for “sincerity” is presented in white.

Go and become a nation brave ronin! Go, and defeat the evil that has infected the city of Edo!


The Gunfigther


20130724_Rifle Warrior

The new Gunfighter profession for Operation: Defend Edo has also arrived, the long-awaited profession for Granzella’s Great Edo.

As a shooting expert, long-range attacks are the Gunfighter’s strong point. Standing from outside of enemy’s reach, take careful aim at them, then Fire!

Additionally, this set is highly advantageous for attacking mononoke that appear in the air during the Operation: Defend Edo. Now, it is possible to damage the Ookubi and Hitouban monsters that appear in the sky, and which are usually difficult to attack .

Along with a gun for a weapon, this 4 piece set also includes a haori and hakama, gunfighter ponytail hairstyle, and boots.  The set is available in four different colours, red, blue, black, and white.

“Gunshots can be heard cracking through Edo at night.”

Hong Kong

20130724_Nostalgic School Days


The Nostalgic School Days personal space will arrive soon in Hong Hong for purchase.   This space will let you relive those school days you remember so fondly.

With several terrific furniture bundles to choose from, this space can be decorated anyway you like so that it replicates the school days you remember.  Be sure to check out the store in the space for a ton of cool freebies.

However, when the light are out, and it is pitch black here, this space definitely takes on a very spooky atmosphere.  So grab your flash light, and venture in, you never know what rewards you may come across.




Finally, Granzella is proud to introduce it’s Baseball line to the EU.

EU users will be able to motor around Home in the new Bullpen Cart, Locomotion item, while sporting these stylish baseball uniforms.

The Pitcher, Catcher, and Batter locomotion items are available in a 3-piece set deal.By changing between these three types of motions for each position you can pretend to play baseball along with your friends.

There are a wide range of colours to choose from in this series.  The different colours will be released gradually over the coming weeks.  By combining the different colours of the uniform items, like the pants, baseball cap, helmet, glove, and bat, you can create a team of your own!

So get out there and “Let’s play ball!”


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