So You Want to be a Charcoal Champ?

Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder Have you tried to play the new Charcoal Champ game only to find that you are struggling on a few of the levels? Well, the […]

Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder

Have you tried to play the new Charcoal Champ game only to find that you are struggling on a few of the levels? Well, the game is easier than you may think and I beat it without purchasing a thing.


Fourth of July Event

Stage 1: 

This stage is fairly easy but there are a few basics you should know, that will save you time.

  • The left of the grill cooks slower, the middle cooks faster and the far right cooks faster than the left. You can tell the difference by the colors depicted on the screen. 
  • When at all possible you will want to put every seasoning on each piece of meat. You can select the seasoning by hitting L1 and R1. Once you place the meat on the plate, you will have the option to add ketchup/mustard and/or cheese. You select these by also hitting L1 or R1.

1-1: Cook 10 Hot Dogs in under 2:00

1-2: Cook all meat in under 2:30hotdog4web

1-3: Score 1000 points

1-4: Pepper all Dogs (The pepper is the 2nd item on the bottom, do not be fooled, it is not mustard.)

1-5: Salt all Burgers (The salt shaker is the 1st item on the bottom.)

1-6: Score 1,000 points in 0:45

1-7: Cook 10 Cheese Burgers in under 1:30 (Go ahead and season any of the burgers you like, but remember to put cheese on them before you finish each one!)

1-8: 2,000 Points in 2:00

1-9: Cook 5 perfect Hot Dogs in 0:50

1-10: Score 900 Points in under 1:00

Reward: Hot Dog Fork (Male and Female) 

Observer Screenshot 8_29 AM 7_1_2013_1

Stage 2:

2-1: Cook 5 perfect Burgers

2-2: Cook 5 perfect Chickens + 1,500 pts

2-3: BBQ Sauce every item. (Hint: You earn BBQ by cooking a perfect meat.) Although the hint reminds you that you earn BBQ by cooking a perfect meat, it is easy to try to get ahead of yourself. Instead, take your time. You are not timed and it’s better to take advantage and put all seasoning on each piece of meat before finishing. If you want to cook more than one at a time, try and put meat that takes longer on the sides, while placing hotdogs in the center. You will eventually earn a silver on gold on this in no time.

2-4: Cook all the meat with no overcooked food.grilled-chipotle-chicken

2-5: Score 3,500 Points in under 2:00 (Hint: Use your FREE rub wisely) I did this challenge easily and forgot to use my rub.

2-6: Cook 3 Hot Dogs in 30 seconds + 300pts

2-7: Cook All Perfect Meat in 0:30

2-8: Salt and Pepper All Chicken + 2,000 pts  (To make it easier and so as not to get confused, concentrate on the chicken first.)

2-9: Fulfill an Order  ( You will see an order pop up in the top left, place ONLY the condiments shown on the picture on the piece of meat. If you put anything else on it, you will have to try again on another piece of meat. This is important to remember later in the game.)

2-10: Cook 10 Perfect items in under 2:00


Reward: Charcoal Champ Poster 


PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-29-2013 22-39-49


Stage 3:

3-1: Cook 10 Steaks under 3:00 (None Overdone)  Sometimes it is easy to get ahead of yourself, try to space the steaks apart so they don’t finish all at the same time.

3-2: Cook all meat under 2:00steak

3-3: Score 4,000 Points

3-4: Salt and Pepper All Steak

3-5: Fulfill 3 Orders

3-6: Score 3,000 Points

3-7: Cook 10 Cheese  Burgers + 1,500 pts

3-8: 2,000 pts

3-9: Cook 5 Perfect Steaks

3-10: Score 1,000 Points in under 1:20 (Hint: You got a free Lighter Fluid) The lighter fluid is helpful, anything on the grill at the time you select it will automatically be cooked. This comes in handy when your time is running out.


Reward: Charcoal Champ Bass Shirt (Male and Female) 


Observer Screenshot 8_37 AM 7_1_2013 Observer Screenshot 8_36 AM 7_1_2013

Stage 4:

4-1: Cook 5 Ribs under 3:00 (None Overdone)

4-2: Cook all meat in 2:00

4-3: Score 2,000 Points in under 3:00ribs-on-the-grill

4-4: BBQ Sauce every item. (Hint: You earn BBQ by cooking a perfect meat)

4-5: Fulfill 3 Orders

4-6: Score 3,000 Points

4-7: Cook all meat in 1:00

4-8: 5,000 Points

4-9: Cook 2 Perfect Ribs

4-10: Score 1,000 Points in under 1:00 (Hint: Use your FREE Soda) At this point in the game, I had no clue what the soda did, but later I learned that it slows down time.


Reward: Ribbie the Rib Companion 


PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-01-2013 23-10-16

Stage 5:

5-1: Cook 5 Ribs under 1:00 (Hint: You got a free Lighter Fluid) Although I enjoyed this game very much, I couldn’t help but completely hate this level. I only managed to get a bronze star, no matter how many times I tried to get a silver or gold. I did manage however, to still win all the rewards in the game.

5-2: Score 2,000 (Before you scratch your head and say WTF! I think someone either made a typo here or they really did mean for you to score 2,000 points. But… you will need to score at least 3,000 points to complete this goal. Honestly, I think it was meant to be 3,000 because you score more than 2,000 just by cooking all the meat perfectly.)

5-3: Score 1,500 Points in 1:00 (You got a free Special Sauce) The special sauce, immediately seasons any item on the grill at the time you use it. (Salt, Pepper, BBQ sauce)bbq-sauce

5-4: BBQ Sauce every item. (Hint: You earn BBQ by cooking a perfect meat)

5-5: Fulfill 3 Orders

5-6: Score 3,000 Points

5-7: Cook all meat in 1:00

5-8: 3,000 Points

5-9: Cook 2 perfect Ribs in under 2:00

5-10: Cook all meat in 0:40 (You got a FREE Special Sauce and Soda) Another glitch… I never did receive the Soda and there was no way I could cook all the meat in 0:40 seconds, but I still managed to pass this level with a silver and earned all my rewards.)


Reward: Charcoal Champ 4th of July Trophy

 (I placed the trophy on top of my grill, no the grill doesn’t come with it.) 


Observer Screenshot 11_15 AM 7_1_2013

Overall, I have to give Sony a giant applause. I truly enjoyed this game and can’t wait till they add-on to it in the future. I just hope that I can still get through the new stages without purchasing any items. Now if you will excuse me, I need to go pull the ribs off the grill, talking about all this food has made me hungry.

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