The Jewel of The Skies

Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder Lockwood has stepped up their game and taken their personal spaces to a whole new level. When I first saw the advertisement for The Jewel […]

Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder

Lockwood has stepped up their game and taken their personal spaces to a whole new level. When I first saw the advertisement for The Jewel of the Skies, I immediately wondered what they could do different to set themselves apart from Juggernaut’s recent release, The Palace of the Seven Winds.

If you have been to the Palace of the Seven Winds, you know that the space is one that is geared to a private getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With it’s luxurious waterfalls, ambient music and visual appeal, it is a space that will keep you coming back for more.

The Jewel of the Skies is a personal space that evolves over time. Much like Granzella has done in the past, there are unlockable rewards that will automatically equip in your apartment when you unlock them. In order to unlock them all, you will have to constantly visit the space and complete challenges. You are limited to the amount of wishes that can be granted each day, so choose your rewards wisely.

Review of the Personal Space 

 Personal Space $9.99 

When you first come into the space, you will find yourself in the middle of a Sultan’s Palace in the sky. The golden rooftops are a nice touch to the luxurious atmosphere and the architecture is very detailed, which is a constant in Lockwood’s spaces.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-44-52

Behind you, you will find a landing strip for Magic carpets. This is one of the spaces you can start the game, we will get to that later.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-50-35


To your right there is a breezeway and a small room just to your right.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-44-42


This room would make a nice room for entertaining.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-47-04


To your left there is another breezeway but if you look, there is a break in one of the column’s.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-44-31

Just under the break, hiding behind a bunch of rocks is a door that doesn’t open. I’m wondering if it won’t perhaps unlock as we play the game, only time will tell. There are no other doors in this space, so I find it odd, that this one is sitting there all by itself.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 19-17-25

To the left of the stairs is a secluded garden area with a gazebo and a pond. This area would make a nice romantic spot.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-49-15

To the right of the stairs is a half empty flower bed, after playing the game for a bit, I unlocked a built-in elephant that moves. It would be interesting to see if he grows over time, but he may stay small forever.

Built In- Elephant

Built In- Elephant

Up the stairs you will be welcomed into the Palace chamber, this is the most decorated area of this space.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-48-11

There are some built-in cushions here that will allow you to recline.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 19-30-51

To the side of the main area, before you reach the stairs, is an alleyway. If you follow the path you will come to a quiet patio area. You cannot interact with the Genie here, to do that you will have to access the room up the stairs and to the right. Simply run up to the Genie’s lamp and he will award you the magic carpet and give you quests.

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 18-49-57


The Jewel of the Skies Treasure Pack $17.99 (Bundle comes with Personal Space, Game and all that you see below.)



In addition to a few built-in default items that are located in the space, there are a few items available for purchase. You can find them below.


The Jewel of the Skies – Game 

Once you speak to the Genie, you will be able to accomplish quests for rewards. You will only be able to complete a few a day, but the rewards that I have seen so far are very nice and very much worth it.

Simply, collect the required amount and color of gems and you will be able to choose from 3 rewards. Some are tangible items that you can use in different spaces, while others are built-in items and can only be used in this space.

The game is pretty straight forward, I do not think that you will need a walkthrough. If you are looking for any tips, or just want to see what it is like, Megan from Lockwood did a small walkthrough.

Community Stash– Gems added to the community chest cannot be retrieved, only donate if you’re sure you won’t need them! Also, when you leave the space, you will lose your gems, so make a point to donate your unused gems before leaving. Once the community hits their goal, there will be something special given away to everyone.


In addition to working to a grand prize, you can unlock smaller prizes by meeting certain donation goals.

Approximately 590 gems donated – Reward: Opulent Ruby Ring (Male/Female)  

Approximately 1700 gems donated– Reward: Opulent Blue Ring (Male/Female) 

Appriximately 2700 gems donated– Reward: Opulent Green Ring (Male/Female)  



Below you will see what I managed to unlock today, I will be updating the list frequently here and on our forums.

The Harem Pillows are decorations and the rest are built-in items that enhance the beauty of the space.

Stash Chest Gems can be stashed in this chest and retrieved when needed for tasks. Use your gem slots wisely!


*Note: The Golden Gecko appears in multiple locations around the space, not just in the spot featured below. You can choose him in many different colors. By choosing a new color, you will only replace the current one. It will not give you more geckos. 

BIG THANKS TO QuietTurtle for his help in keeping this list updated. 

 Items not featured with a picture above are: 

Jester Couch and Throne Pedestal





Almas The Tiger – Included in bundle or $2.99

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 12-12-2012 20-13-44

He doesn’t always roll over on his back, but it was so cute, I decided to use this picture.


Locomotions (Range from $1.99-$2.49) 


Arabian Carpet – Ameerah (Pink)

Arabian Carpet – Indigo (Purple)

Arabian Carpet – Mystic (Blue/Green)

Not only do the locomotions give you a cool way to get around Home, but they also unlock the matching carpet for use in the game.


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