DCUO: What Happens At Level 30? Part II

Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer  Welcome to Part II of our series, DCUO: What Happens At Level 30? If you managed to miss Part I, you can find it […]

Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer 

Welcome to Part II of our series, DCUO: What Happens At Level 30? If you managed to miss Part I, you can find it here. http://pshomegazette.com/2012/10/18/dcuo-what-happens-when-you-reach-level-30/ . I apologize for the delay, but Hurricane Sandy delayed this article, Part III is coming very soon.


Previously, I gave you an overview of how this works.   Now we’re going to get into specifically how to get all those Marks.  In this feature we’ll discuss the 1st tabe so go to the On Duty tab in the menu, Challenges, and we’ll go over some terminology.



You’ll unlock the mission “Emergency Response” at level 30. I don’t believe you HAVE to do it, but it does an okay job explaining how things will work from now on.

A few updates ago the challenge list was added to the on duty menu. Before the update, you had to physically go to a monitor in the Watchtower, then go to Gotham or Metropolis to do the mission. (Which you can still do, just look for the exclamation point on your map.)

Challenges are earlier game missions (from both the hero and villain side) with a bump up in difficulty.  In a challenge, EVERYONE is now at level 30.  As a controller, I usually play challenges in Damage mode (DPS).  Other than the increased challenge, there is nothing you haven’t already done, though there will be a number of areas you’ve never been in, those are missions from either a different mentor or the opposite alignment (Hero vs Villain).

Challenges award you two things, Marks of course but also renown.




Renown is awarded with one of the factions of the character’s team.  Heroes have WayneTech, STAR Labs,  and Sentinels of Magic.  Villians have the Rogues, LexCorp and the Cult of Trigon.  Renown is needed to purchase items from faction vendors and each item requires the character’s renown with that faction to be at, or above, a certain point. You can see a chart below.  You reach Neutral after your first quest with each faction.

Neutral: 1 – 999 points

Cooperative: 1,000 – 2,499 points

Friendly: 2,500 – 4,499 points

Favorable: 4,500 – 6,499 points

Trusted: 6,500 points

Everything on the On Duty Menu is considered an Instance. Challenges, Duos, Alerts, etc are all different types of Instances. And as the case with all Instances your CR rating and sometimes what DLC you  have will  determine what is available to you. (Challenges are the one exception, ALL challenges are available to EVERYONE if your CR is high enough.)

We’ll go over Duos and Alerts in pt 3 of our series but for now, lets go over some terminology.  You’re going to be spending a lot more time in the Watchtower/Hall of Doom now, and you’ll here and see a lot of abbreviations on the main chat tab.  Lets go over some of the things you’ll see.

FOS: The Fortress of Solitude   Superman’s hideout is the location of 3 different raids. It has two versions, novice and hard.  Outside of difficulty and the amount of marks awarded (hard version gives a good bit more) they are identical. there are 3 completely different raids so you will ussually see FOS 1 2 OR 3 to show which one the raid will be.

Below are the proper On Duty Menu names of the 3 raids.

FOS 1: Fortress of Solitude “Chasm”

FOS 2: Fortress of Solitude “Power Core”

FOS 3: Fortress of Solitude “Sunstone Matrix”

ROLES: character classes ie: Tank, controller, healer, and DPS  Raids are a group of 8so there is usually 2 of every class.

DPS: Damage per Second this is a universal term (not just DCUO) that refers to how much damage you deal to enemies, in this game however, its also a role. DPS (game calls it “damage”) is a role that can be filled by anyone, and is simply the person who job it is (above all others) to fight, and take down the enemy as quickly as possible.

DOT/POT: Power or Damage over time  first is simply an attack that….yes, damages the enemy slowly over a period of time.

The 2nd is the same thing but refers to your power meter, usually given to you by a troll, in fact it is the most vital thing a troll must do in an instance, keep the team regenerating power

TROLL/TROLLER: short for “Controller ” A controller has 3 main roles, one give power to team, 2nd, debuff enemies, and lastly, crowd control (hence the name)

Healer: in this Role the person’s job is to…yup, keep the group alive

Tank: In this Role you main job is to keep enemies focused (refered to as aggro) on them and not other players

Crowd control: the act of keeping enemies at bay to prevent them from overwelming a team, this is where the term “controller” comes from

Debuff: any attack that weakens an enemy in some way, be it to stun them (cunable to move), prevent them from healing, or to cause them to take more damage than normal among other effects

TGTG: Then Good to Go. usually shout will say something like NEED TANK FOR FOS2 TGTG (all caps is perfectly normal in Watchtower/Hall of Doom) means one this person joins, the raid/alert will have enough people to begin sometimes written as “then GTG”

AOM: Avatar of Meta the final boss of FOS2

CR: (combat rating) see part one of series for in depth explanation

SP:Skill Points The points you have available for your weapon class, a high number, say, over 25, would indicate you have 2 weapons (I personally use Hand Blasters and a Bow).  Good to mention when someone asks you what your CR is before a raid begins, so you arent accused of being a ninja

Ninja: Someone who rolls “Need” from Group Loot on items they don’t need :ie, a healer rolling on an item only a tank can equip. (Pt 3 of our series will go into more detail)

Rolling: In any instance, when you defeat any boss, whatever they drop is open for everyone to bid on. The act of bidding is called rolling

Aggro: aggression  this term refers to the enemies attention, who they are actively attacking, normally this is a Tank’s job, to keep theenemies aggro or “attention” on them

CC: Central City  requires Lightning strikes DLC AND a CR of 53 or higher

Potting: this is usually a negative term, it refers to the use of soders during a one on one duel, and is usually look upon as cheating

Prime: The Prime Battle Ground, the T4 final battle against Braniac

Gates: The Gates of Tartarus Another T4 Raid

Inner/Outer: The Inner and Outer Sanctum (of the Batcave) Parts 2 and 3 of a trilogy of raids inside the Batcave

Sub or Construct: Part one of the Batcave series of Raids.

Queue: waiting for an instance to begin

Instance: EVERYTHING in the ON Duty menu is considered an instance. Alerts, raids, etc are different TYPES of instances.

T1/T2T3T4/ Tier one through 4 the level of an instance T4 the most difficult, T1 the easiest.

That should give you  SOME idea of whats going on in the Wachtower/Hall of Doom.

In the next installment we’ll look at Duos and Alerts, and talk more about teamwork and working/dealing with others.

Until then me gente.

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