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Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer  So, I got to experience my very first DCUO event.  Until now, that last tab on the on duty menu was well, just there.  […]

Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer 

So, I got to experience my very first DCUO event.  Until now, that last tab on the on duty menu was well, just there.  Wish I could say the first impression was favorable.

At least this year, you first face a series of objectives before facing the boss, Klarion.

Many message boards seem to indicate that this year is laughable compared to previous ones. I wouldn’t know actually, this is my first year and frankly, I’m STILL disappointed.

First the missions: You’re collecting….some kind of portal energy and banishing ghosts or something that appears to be ghosts.  All the enemies are just rehashed versions of ones you’ve faced before and none of them are beyond level 5, so it certainly isn’t meant to be a challenge.  Klarion isn’t any more difficult than say, a level 10 (and that’s being generous).

Upon completing the missions, you receive a buff and some season marks to spend upon completion but looking through the rewards, the best word I can think of is….”MEH”  A “suit”, pumpkin Head, 2 masks and some consumables”

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if its worth the trouble but I strongly suggest you look FIRST, before you do the mission because the first part is the most annoying thing I’ve done in this game yet.

This is what you are looking for, this yellow marker, good luck finding it.  There is no mission area, these portals are totally random. You just run around Gotham looking for them. And I do mean RANDOM, I must have flown around for 10 minutes before I found one.

They are theoretically all over Gotham and I did find one in a far away place but I generally had the most success staying relatively close to the station where I received the mission.

When you find one, you want to move the orbs to the center of the circle. That’s it, pick up the white orb, move it .002 meters, done. Oh and beat up the things that come out.

Its no big deal but the rarity of the portals made it extremely tedious.

After that, you queue for the boss fight, yes, queue, HAPPILY, this is a 4 team group instance so if you happen to find the rewards appealing, you can just fight Klarion everyday instead of portal hunting again.

There is no level, you enter, encounter a quick cutscene and then you fight him.


 Story wise I’ve beaten Klarion twice and I still have no idea what dastardly deeds of darkness the dude was doing that deemed him a danger that needed a group beatdown, but by the time the thought crossed my mind, I didn’t care.


 He’s supposed to have stolen the powers of other magic users but that just amounts to one move or two per person, or maybe we didn’t give him a chance, I saw him attack with Fate’s signature yellow cross, but that was about it.

During the fight you are supposed to fill an urn with energy or something, but it didn’t seem to matter, ignoring the urn and focusing on the smackdown seemed to be just as effective.

Afterwards you get the marks to spend in the aforementioned special kiosk and this damage buffer.  Not sure why I’m getting this effect AFTER the battle but hey, at least its pretty, I guess.


I know I sound sarcastic but I’m so disappointed, after all I’ve seen  (and loved) of this game this is so uninspiring and tedious I wonder if the real developers went to a Halloween party and told the interns to whip something up.

Or maybe its me, after all this is my first event and I just got my hopes up.  But then, from everything I’ve heard I was SUPPOSED to!!!    All I’ve  seen for the past week from every website you can name, is that seasonal missions are not to be missed because of all the cool seasonal rewards and fun to be had. This is said about ALL of Sony’s MMO’s, not just DCUO, but if this event is any real indication of what everyone has been raving about, you can have it.

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