The Walking Dead: Episodes 1-3

Written by BossSolidSnake; PSHG Team Writer  I recently played the first 3 episodes of The Walking Dead and I must say I’m fairly impressed.  I personally haven’t watched the TV […]

Written by BossSolidSnake; PSHG Team Writer 

I recently played the first 3 episodes of The Walking Dead and I must say I’m fairly impressed.  I personally haven’t watched the TV show or read the comic book, but playing this game has kind of made me want to do both.


After playing the game I can say that the storyline is pretty intriguing, the characters are well-developed, the controls could be better but are still alright, and the overall experience is a great one. I’ll breakdown each topic and go into a little more detail below.


Storyline (Warning: may contain spoilers)

Episode 1 starts off with a man named Lee riding in a police car on his way to prison, when all of a sudden the car hits something standing in the road and crashes, flipping over and ending up in the woods. Lee, having injured his leg in the crash, must try to go find help. He stumbles across a house where he runs into a little girl named Clementine. She goes with Lee in hopes of trying to find her parents, who were out of town when things happened. The two run into a couple guys on the road and go with them to Shawn’s (one of the guys) father’s farm. Once at the farm, Hershel (Shawn’s father) fixes up Lee’s leg after which he meets a family of survivors (Kenny, Katjaa, and their son Duck). After an incident results in Shawn’s death, Hershel makes everyone leave. The family, Lee, and Clementine head to town, run out of gas, and end up hiding in a drug store with a group of survivors (Glenn, Carley, Doug, Larry, and Lilly). Several things end up happening and by the end of Episode 1 the group has made their way to a local motel and end up deciding to make it their new home.


Episode 2 deals primarily with dwindling supplies, the addition of Ben and Mark to the group, and a possible alliance with a local dairy against the zombies and bandits.


Episode 3 involves uncovering a traitor, a showdown with the bandits, an escape from the motel, fixing a train after their RV is stolen, clearing a tanker truck off the tracks, and the addition of Charles, Christa, and Omid. As the episode ends the train is pulling into Savannah (where Clementine’s parents were at the time of the zombie outbreak).

(I would go into more detail but I’m trying to avoid spoilers)



Episode 1

Lee Everett– Former Teacher (on his way to prison at the time of the outbreak)





Clementine – Young Girl (found alone by Lee while searching for help)





Shawn Greene – Hershel’s Son (met outside of Clementine’s house)





Hershel Greene – Shawn’s Father (owns farm where Lee meets Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck)





Kenny – Fisherman, Duck’s Father, and Katjaa’s Husband (met at Hershel’s Farm)





Katjaa – Vet, Duck’s Mother, and Kenny’s Wife (met at Hershel’s Farm)





Duck – Kenny and Katjaa’s Young Son (met at Hershel’s Farm)





Larry Caul – Grumpy Old Man and Lilly’s Father (has a heart condition, met at the Pharmacy)





Lilly Caul – Larry’s Daughter & Leader of Survivors (fights with Kenny over leadership, met at Pharmacy)





Carley – Reporter (great shot with a gun, met at Pharmacy)






Doug – Computer Tech (good with electronics, met at Pharmacy)





Glenn – Delivery Guy (finds motel location, met at Pharmacy)





Episode 2

Ben – Student (found in woods across from the motel by Lee and Kenny)





Mark – Air Force Base Worker (was allowed to join the group because he had a bunch of food)





Andy St. John – Dairy Owner (met outside of motel, traded gas for food)





Danny St. John – Dairy Owner (met outside of motel, traded gas for food)





Brenda St. John – Dairy Owner and Andy and Danny’s Mother (met at Dairy)





Episode 3

Charles – Homeless Guy (found living in a train car while fixing the train)





Omid – Christa’s Boyfriend (found near the tanker truck blocking the train tracks)





Christa – Omid’s Girlfriend (found near the tanker truck blocking the train tracks)







The controls are very similar to heavy rain. You use the left analog stick to move and the right analog stick to target people or objects and then press an action button. When trying to shoot zombies, the sensitivity of the analog stick can make targeting quickly difficult.


Overall Experience

So far this is a very enjoyable game, I really like the way the story sucks you in and makes you want to keep playing until you finish the episode. I also like how your choices affect the story, you literally have to decide on multiple occasions who lives and who dies. For anyone who has yet to get any platinum trophies, this is probably one of the easiest ones you can get. All you have to do is finish all 5 episodes and boom, a nice shiny plat added to your collection.


I will be sure to report back once the other 2 episodes have been released, until then have fun and Game On!!!

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