7 Things I wish I knew about DCUO

Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer  Well, I finally made level 30.  What a ride. DC Universe Online is a great game, my first real MMO. (I don’t count Home.) The […]

Written by AAMCSYSTEMS; PSHG Team Writer 

Well, I finally made level 30.  What a ride. DC Universe Online is a great game, my first real MMO. (I don’t count Home.) The photos you see are of course, “ME.” (League or group interests, holla.)


HERO “MATISHO” Controller/Hand Blast



VILLIAN “Amani Oweaba” Light/Bow


I’ve had a lot of fun with both characters and I’ll probably do a third with the upcoming expansion pack.

But as great a game as it is, there is one MAJOR flaw, there is no tutorial.  There is a lot to learn here and this game is different in a lot of ways from “traditional” MMO’s. Yet, you have to learn it all on your own.  And I did…er…mostly.

This isn’t a guide on how to be a better Controller, Tank etc. Plenty of those exist. In fact they’re mostly how I learned.

This is different,  I’m going to share my own misadventures. Some of you will benefit yourselves, for others, it will be a trip down memory lane. But these are my own experiences, and I’m curious to hear yours as well in the comments below.

So here they are in no particular order:

7 Things I Wish I Knew About DCUO In Advance


 1)  Know your role


When you create a character, you need to select 2 fundamental things.

Your weapon- choosing between ranged (4 options, hand blaster, bow, double pistols, or rifle) or melee  (6 options, one handed, brawler, dual wield, martial arts, staff, and two-handed)


Your abilities: fire, ice, nature, mental, sorcery, or gadgetry.


Its vital to choose a good combination  I got to level 24 before I discovered that I could change my weapon,  (it costs $500 in game money and while you can also redistribute your accumulated points for you chosen power, your power cannot be changed)  I was a brawler. Believe me, brawler, paired with Mental….not a good match.  Point is, your weapon must complement your power, I use hand blast now, a much better fit with mental.  Mentalists don’t really need to be up close and personal, making ranged weapons the way to go.

That said, what’s better for me might not work for someone else and thats what makes the game good, being able to switch according to your own style, just remember again, you can only redistribute points that you have collected. You cannot change your power, only your weapon.

Also, something else I didn’t think of, if you suddenly change your weapon, you need to obtain a new one. The only weapon doesn’t just switch over.

Correction: I said your Power cannot be changed. That is NOT true, it can but its costly. You can buy it In a vending Machine. Its always the one closest to the main entrance in all the safehouses. Not sure what the in-game currency is though.

Alternately, you can change it with ten dollars of real money in the marketplace, which I’m seriously considering. In my case, changing my hero (in the photo above) from a Mentalist to a Lantern.


 2)  Style Tab


The 2nd tab from the left is the “Style” tab.

This controls how you look, yes how you look. In what I thought was a clever twist, how you look has nothing to to do with what clothing and items you have equipped.  I walked around with this ugly jester hat for a while because I liked what it added to my stats before I discovered this. So if you have a vest or leggings or hat that improve your stats, but you don’t like how it looks, just equip it, then go to the style tab to adjust it. You can even lock a particular clothing section (ie:your boots) or your entire outfit so that what you equip won’t change how you look.

There are even several kiosks in the Watchtower/Hall of Doom that are devoted to styles, that is, clothing that is bought only for the style and has no effect on your stats. Bear in mind though, you must “use” an item before it shows up under the Style tab, its not enough that its in your inventory. Just highlight it in the inventory and push the “x” button.


3) Supercharge Bar

In the upper left hand corner of the screen, there is an orange bar below your life and power (energy to use your special moves) meters.  This is the supercharge bar.

All the powers have 2 moves (I THINK sorcery has 3) that use this bar.  How many times did I get killed because a move wouldn’t work even when my power bar was full and I had no idea why.  The 2 moves that use it can cost a 1/3, 1/2 or even the entire meter.  Without it the power wont work, even if the power meter is full.  It refills by attacking enemies, so if a move is listed as costs supercharge energy along with energy from your power bar, you’ll want to think hard if that move is worth it.  Some are, others…not so much.


 4) Bosses


Boss battles are a big part of the game, whether you’re fighting Supergirl or Flash, Bane or Penguin.  Who, when and where you fight them depends on both whether your good or bad, as well as who your mentor is.There are 3 types of bosses: Raid Bosses (VERY difficult scenarios that you don’t need to worry about until you reach a higher level), and what I refer to as indoor bosses and outdoor bosses.

Indoor Bosses

Going indoors is the equivalent of a dungeon in other RPG games. You will always fight a boss at the end.

Something that I learned the hard way; In this game, your gear has a durability meter, when it runs out on enough pieces of your equipment, you can no longer use your weapon and lose the ability to use all your combos.

Another hard earned lesson, that also means if you reset your stat points and choose a new weapon, you need to also buy that weapon. Ie: if you go from brawling to hand blaster, your brawling weapon is now useless, until you get a hand blaster weapon, you are defenseless. (though you can still use your powers)

I bring this up because fighting outside is very different from fighting INSIDE.  When your outside, if your gear breaks (you’ll see a red icon under the map in the upper right hand corner) or if you run out of soder colas, you can just run away and left your energy regenerate, get more colas and fix your gear, buy and sell some items, check your mail, maybe do a race, even do another mission….seriously, you literally have all the time in the world.  And when you return, its like you never left, things collected, enemies beaten, whatever part of your objectives already accomplished is saved. You literally pick up right where you left off.

INDOORS however is different.  If you fight your way to a boss and you gear breaks or you run out of sodas, to get more you have to leave, and that WILL RESET THE ENTIRE DUNGEON!!!!!!!!!!!

Always check yourself before going indoors. Gear is ok (all gear has durability percentage you can look at in the inventory that looks like this (76/100, 35/100, etc), plenty of soders, etc.

How many times did I get all the way to a boss just to have my gear break. Best to go prepared rather than having to leave and do the whole thing over again.


Outdoor Bosses

Going back to outdoors again, there is one thing that is a lot harder outside than inside, and thats the bosses.

I still remember the shock the 1st time I accidentally met one, I was playing the game, beating up evil security guards or something, when Bizarro ( an “evil”, ugly, dumb Superman, with the same abilities) walked up to me and took half my life off with one blow.

Bizarro is an outdoor boss, known as a “bounty”  An optional side mission received from the Police Stations (safe houses). This is what confused me, you will almost always find a bounty in their “assigned area”  usually in a scenario section of the map (that is, the red colored sections of the map you go to to complete objectives.)    You can theoretically  fight a Bounty when ever you want, whether, you’ve received the mission from the police station or not, but alone, that would be suicidal. Bounties are FAR more powerful than Indoor bosses and are meant to be fought in a group.

Many bounties are both indoor AND outdoor bosses (Powergirl and Clayface are an example of this) so you cant go by who it is. Just know if you see someone you’ve fought indoors OUTSIDE, dont even THINK of taking them on alone.  Sometimes, like me, you’ll come across a dozen people fighting the bounty and join in. (In DCUO there is no sharing, EVERYONE gets the same reward)

Lastly, sooner or later you’re going to encounter a boss too tough for you. Don’t get discouraged, that’s normal, level up a bit and return, or invite some people to join you


5) Chat


Chat isn’t  too bad once you figure it out (push “select button” for chat, “square to cycle between different types of channels ie: “shout: general, everyone can hear, “tell” one on one, “group” if you’re in one or want to start one)

Unlike Home, its relatively acceptable to ask a random stranger to join you, especially to enter a dungeon. Even the most difficult bosses are more manageable with a little help.

(((((Also would love to hear some thoughts on DCUO “etiquette  Is it any different than Home and or what we consider, normal…unwritten rules…?)))))))


6) Leveling Up

This may be a little thing, but I actually went up a whole level from quests I didn’t “confirm.”

After you complete a quest, a message tells you to look at your journal, I had so many available quests that I didn’t know at the top of the quest list is the “completed” tab.  You must click on the quests under this list to get the final rewards from them.

That also goes for Starting a quest. While you will always default to the main storyline, if you switch to something else, or if you randomly finish one, say, a bounty, you must go to the journal and select that quest to see where to go (usually a safe house) to claim your rewards.


7) Close Up


A quickie, you can zoom in and out, great for screen shots, or when you want to see the action up close.

To do it, Hold the “L1” button while tapping up or down on the “D” Pad (sorry, I forget which is zoom in and which is zoom out. There is also a few Camera settings that you can change.



And that is it, 7 things I wish I knew about this game before I started.  I can think of a few others, but I’ve talked enough.


So what about you?


What adventures…or misadventures have you had in learning this game? Can you come up with a list of 5 things…more???

As you reflect on your time with the game, what did you wish you knew about DCUO in advance?

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