Codeglue celebrates the 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy with limited edition E3 items

Written by SteveV363; PSHG Team Writer.

Mayan scholars have believed that the Maya calendar predicted a doomsday event in the year 2012, what better way to celebrate this than with Mayan costumes, companion and a doomsday device made by Codeglue.  These ultra exclusive items are only available during E3 2012; so get them while they are available. The costumes are full body with a special ritual dance emote and are accented with face paint and gold jewelry.


The ritual mayan costumes are $2.99 each and worth every penny!


The Day of Judgement device has an animated countdown and animated moving face dial showing the time left to doomsday. On December 21st there will be a special reward for the owner of the item, the device is $2.99. Those of you who finished the E3 quests and received the silver skull companion can also find a gold version here for $2.49.


These items are available in the E3 sale kiosks located in the E3 booth.

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