E3 JOURNALISM!: EA’s 2012 Press Conference

Written by Djeuty; PSHG Team Writer  EA was recently voted the worst company in the world. http://con.st/10028620  So when they have a lot to prove with their press conference. Right out […]

Written by Djeuty; PSHG Team Writer 

EA was recently voted the worst company in the world. http://con.st/10028620 

So when they have a lot to prove with their press conference. Right out the bat, they blared loud music and showed us the games that matter, with Dead Space 3, SWTOR, Madden 13, SimCity, and others headlining the presentation.

Before demoing the games properly, EA reminded us that games sure have evolved over the years. Before, they would ship games and that was the end of it, now however, we have downloadable content to push our experience further!

It kind of felt like an excuse for them to justify all the DLC controversy. But, well, whatever, what we wanna see are the games. So, how do they stack up?

Dead Space 3 started with a bang. The new game hopes to keep the creepy with providing fast paced action. Now with drop-in-drop-out co-op. The game looks pretty interesting, though I never beat Dead Space 1, it seems to have done away with the survival horror and jumped straight into an edgy adventure with space guns. I find it difficult to hold onto the horror aspect with a buddy in your ear shouting expletives.

Madden 13 is coming out, and this time the incentive to pick it up is their new Infinity Engine, which boasts new animations and a dynamic active response with every tackle. Is your lineman more meaty than mine? His weight and other stats add up in the Infinity Engine. Now if your player tackles mine in the legs, my player can fight for a few more yards due to the dynamic system.

SimCity and SimCity Social are launching, with SimCity Social being the facebook equivalent. They boast it’s “more city, less ville”. A witty jab at the forever played FarmVille. Game play was shown as Social, but I didn’t see any “Ask your friends to get more stuff” messages that plague  every social game ever. We’ll see. SimCity in itself showed new game play and features online play (likely to justify having DRM, since this is, of course, EA). Your city’s neighbors affect your city.

Battlefield 3 will be featuring new gameplay modes and will have new DLC coming out. The presentation showed off EA’s Battlefield 3’s Premium Service, which is out now for PSN. For the price of $50 bucks you get $75 bucks worth of content right now. Like new dogtags! So that’s worth buying the game over again right? New features include face-off mode which is a one on one battle against another player.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic had an impressive launch but recently subscriptions have been lacking. I personally have added to this, buying the game shortly after launch, then after getting all I felt I could get out of the game, I unsubscribed and haven’t look back. The press conference let me know exactly what I’m missing out on. SW:TOR has been churning out impressive free content updates, such as battle zones and the legacy system. Upcoming is a new Thunder cat race, new story content, new PVP rankings, a character transfer ability, and more on the way. Oh, and one of the new zones looks like Tron. Goddamn Tron in my Star Wars? I’ll bite. It’s unsure wither the new content will be free or an expansion pack.

Medal of Honor Warfighter features solders fighting in… well, wars. The new Medal of Honor boasts that it’ll be visiting real settings on our planet for real dynamic storytelling. The demo showed the player jumping in Somalian waters and navigating the terrain while not trying to get shot. Then, the developer took control of a drone mounted with a machine gun and grenade launcher. The visual effects are impressive, and the robot monitor seems real enough, but it just feels like a less adrenaline rush call of duty. Whether that’s a good or bad thing will be left up to the consumers, but it certainly doesn’t push the envelope with evolution.

Then a well spoken European appeared and showed off why Soccer is the world’s most played sport and showed off footage of the new Fifa 13. Fifa 13 will carry over player stats from 12, and incorporate dynamic… dribbling. Based off of the soccer superstar Lionel Messi, who will be gracing the cover. So if you’re a soccer fan… this looks to be the best soccer game yet… until next year.

EA and MMA are starting into a new partnership to bring you the next big MMA Game by EA Games. They had no gameplay footage to show of this new partnership though. It kinda just felt like an MMA trailer. This is technically the only new IP EA showed the entire conference.

Need For Speed Most Wanted looks fun and pretty, like Burnout. It actually seems to be a Burnout Paradise ripoff with the city being open world. The developers raced around the city with cops chasing him. The game features small “cutscenes” after a car flips out and crashes. (Pretty unique feature amirite?)

The ever pretty Crytek team showed off Crysis 3 . Truth be told, I’ve never played Crysis, but the game play looked unique and, overall, pretty. It had plenty of guns and shooting, as well as showed the power suits power by tearing a giant drill… generator apart. Seemed cool.


Say what you will about Adam Sessler, but the man knows video games. He provides keen insight and doesn’t talk out of his ass much. I think he got it right in his description of the EA conference, they had no new IPs out there, but all the games shown are games people want to play. EA was right at the beginning of the conference. Games have evolved, and there’s little room to financially support new IPs, so developers just stick to what is popular more times than not. Plus, with E3, the name of the game is generating hype, and nothing generates as much hype as seeing a game you love get a sequel.


You can watch the press conference here: http://e3.gamespot.com/press-conference/ea-e3/

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