Aurora exp gaining tips and list of all rewards.

Special Contribution by steven1230 Over the past few weeks of being able to play the epic new mini game located in Aurora, I’ve discovered it’s a world of wonders and great […]

Special Contribution by steven1230

Over the past few weeks of being able to play the epic new mini game located in Aurora, I’ve discovered it’s a world of wonders and great scenery. Here are a few tips for the new player in search of reaping rewards from the newest mini-game from nDreams (maker of the famous Xi). Although these may not seem to be anything that will boost your ability in gaining levels at the space by tenfold, they will surely help you max out your points each and every day. Okay, now onward to the steps.

There are a few key things you need to take into account while playing the Orb mini game located within the big tree at the space. To gain points and max out each day, it is best to simply start off by earning a small score; around, say, 500-600 points. Experiment with it a bit and see what works best for you. Once you have that first low score set to the game, then you can start earning more points toward your current score. You’re probably wondering, “Why would I want to do this when I can just get as many points as possible?”

Well the thing about the Orb mini game is the point system is not at all based on getting that high score on the first go. The point system works by how well you improve your current score. So therefore, if you start out low and then go higher, you will earn more toward that max. Do keep in mind that you will have to earn around 1,500 points after you start to level up a bit, to get that 500 point max. That is where having the neon goggles comes in handy when playing the game.aurora 2

The neon goggles allow you to teleport to different sections on the map, which are marked with white teleport pads in three locations around the Aurora space. One of which is located in the back of the tree where the Orb game is located, one by the floating boat, and one by the café up top. Even though the neon goggles are not a necessity, they are good to have – that is if you are looking for an easy way to gain a lot of points at the Aurora space mini game.

Along with the neon goggles comes a silver watch which will in return extend your play time. Giving you extra minutes of crucial time to grab more orbs for points.  Also, the neon goggles are the highest ranked goggles. They do have other brands such as gold and silver, but they do not offer you the full array the neon goggles give you.

This brings me to the Orbs in that you have to snatch up as you are running by. These things are all over the space as you are playing the game. They all seem like an easy point grabbing system, but you have to watch out for a couple of them. They will hurt your time and your chances of getting those last extra orbs you may need to rank up.

The orbs that I am talking about are the freeze orb which looks like a spiky crystal within the surrounding pinkish orb. This orb is not like the others and will be attracted to your avatar if you are close enough to it. Same goes for the other orb which I like to call the spaghetti-o orb. The shape of this one reminds me of that childhood favorite snack (don’t ask me why). There is a donut shaped ring located within the orb that cuts your time in half. Collect too many of these, and your game will be over before you know it. Then there are the white orbs which don’t attract to you like the other two. They have a white cube within a white spear. You can collect them, but they are only worth 5 points each and if you spend too much time just collecting those, you will not gain enough points for that high score.

Playing the Aurora Orb mini game though is not the only way for you to earn XP toward leveling up. If you wish to and have the money, (or a kind friend who has the space), Sony/nDreams has a personal space which will help you level up that much faster. When you enter the space, you will probably wonder “How is this tiny space going to help me level up?”

aurora 1When you enter the space it may seem that I was just yanking your chain to buy it. But I am not that mean – okay maybe I am – just kidding.

If you head down to the bottom of the space you will find a mini game much like the resistance space mini game. When playing this mini game though I would suggest you head to your PDA and from there go to start->options->settings->controls->invert look up/down and set that to “No” before you hit that play button. This will allow better control of the weapon movement when playing.  Now in the Defender game, you do not need to worry about getting a low score with it. Simply score over 1,200 points and you will max out with 500 points each time. A simple 500 points each day to help you level up toward your goal of becoming an epic Aurora leveler.

Finally, there is one last simple step toward gaining those maximum XP points each day at the Aurora space. The servers are reset each day at around 12:00 at night GMT time (7:00pm CST, 8:00pm EST, and 4:00pm PST, respectively). When the server resets then you can start earning more points to level up.


(Stryctnin) – It’s been over a year since we released this article so I thought it needed to be updated. First; when you arrive at Aurora you will be greeted with a welcoming message, it will tell you to come back tomorrow to earn 50 points.  When you do return the next day you will get 50 points.  The day after that you will get 100 points, then the next day you will get 200 points.  Then it resets to the first message you received telling you to come back tomorrow for 50 points.  So just by going to Aurora for four (4) consecutive days in a row will earn you 350 points.  You must do them each day, example: Monday = 0 points, Tuesday = 50 points, Wednesday= 100 points, Thursday = 200 points, Friday = 0 points and the cycle continues.  It resets itself 24 hours from when you last entered.  If you miss a day it will go back to 0 points the next time you come in.

Second; the Auroralite  Hoody and Auroralite Contraption are available to purchase in the nDreams shop.  They give increases to experience earned.  I currently own both, but owning both doesn’t help increase, only one is necessary.  These will help a lot.  In a typical orb run session I will receive 2000 exp and on the Aurora Island personal space game I will receive another 2000 exp.  That’s 4000 exp daily.

The way I do the Orb Run is as follows:  When you reach in the 60’s you’ll want to start a game and go for 600 points.  Stop when you hit 600 and wait for the time to end.  Start another game and go to 900 points, wait for the time to end.  Start another game and this time go for the gold, get as many points as you can in this run, I usually get around 1800…haven’t gotten on the leader board yet, but that’s something to always shoot for.  Hope this helps.  Below are pics of each prize up to 100.  When you hit level 100, the number on your back will change into a wing symbol…of course this can only be seen while in the Aurora space.

Level 5 Prize: Teleporter (Takes you from personal space to the Orb Runner Game.)


Level 10: nDreams T-Shirt

level 10 shirt

Level 15: Boat Avatar

Boat avatar

Level 20: Aurora T-Shirt

level 20 shirt

 Level 25: Silver Goggles (Opens One Teleport)

silver goggles

Level 30: Twitcher Wall Art

twitcher wall art

Level 35: Twitcher Costume

twitcher costume

Level 40: nDreams Balloon

ndreams balloon

Level 45: Aurora Ship Wall Hanging

aurora ship wall hanging

Level 50: Mini Lucille

mini lucille

Level 55: Aurora Portrait

aurora portrait

Level 60: Aurora Picnic

picnic blanket

Level 65: Landshark Coffee  Bar

landshark bar

Level 70: Sky Skiff Seat 

sky skiff seat

Level 75: Love Seat


Level 80: Dance Floor


Level 85:  Propeller Wall Mount and 2 chairs

Level 90:  Three (3) separate ship ornaments.

left to right (Lucille, Big Bertha, Lilith)

Level 95: companion “Sir Lord Winterbottom the Third”

Level 100: Aurora Champion Apartment

Level 105: Moon Lamp

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-37-14

Level 110: Aurora Blimp 

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-43-06

Level 115: Blade Stream

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-40-10

Level 120: Aurora Showcase Apartment 

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-42-37 PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-42-15 PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-41-52 PlayStation(R)Home Picture 06-30-2013 22-41-18

Level 125: Beautiful Shadow Companion 


Level 130: nDreams Dance Pack


Level 135: SciFi Chair 

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-36-14

Level 140: LMO Pop Up Chair (2 different ways to sit.)

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-38-18PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-38-05

Level 145: Aurora Dance Pack 

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-40-40

Level 150: Aurora Chinatown Apartment 

(6 slots to hang pictures; 5 on the outside brick and one on the billboard.)

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-33-16
PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-33-38 PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-33-27PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-34-01
PlayStation(R)Home Picture 07-19-2014 11-34-23

Aurora is an ever expanding Game, if they release more we will keep this updated!  Special thanks to Jmbazi, Praise-B, Esco887 and PackRat_777  for pictures.

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