The Tester Season 3: Episode 2 w/ Krysti Pryde Interview

Written by BossSolidSnake; PSHG Team Writer Welcome back, it is now Week 2 of Season 3 of The Tester. Episode 2 begins with the contestants turning an apparent cold shoulder […]

Written by BossSolidSnake; PSHG Team Writer

Welcome back, it is now Week 2 of Season 3 of The Tester. Episode 2 begins with the contestants turning an apparent cold shoulder to Egoraptor, after the somewhat dubious circumstances behind him getting to stay for another week. However, a second contestant, Suzkaiden, was also getting on the nerves of the other contestants.

When Meredith showed up and announced that the theme of this week’s challenge would be Twisted Metal, the contestants were visibly excited. She then informed the contestants that Ninjanomyx and Burnnibelheim had been randomly selected as team captains and would pick their teams “school yard style”, meaning that as a result of last week’s decision to keep Egoraptor around there would be an extra person left over.

The teams were picked:

Team Sweet ToothNinjanomyx, Reality Palez, Kwajamonster, Akilleezmight, and Skyd1ddy

Team DollfaceBurnnibelheim, J-Tight, Krysti Pryde, Asuukaa, and Egoraptor

Therefore, a one on one showdown would decide who would be forced to take Suzkaiden and have the disadvantage of a sixth person.

Meredith revealed that the showdown would be a Boss Battle on the brand new Twisted Metal game. Each team chose their representative, Reality Palez for Team Sweet Tooth and Krysti Pryde for Team Dollface. The two waged war against the Brothers Grimm, with Reality Palez edging out the win by mere seconds. Thus, Suzkaiden became part of Team Dollface.

The contestants were given a bunch of clown costumes and make-up to create their own twisted personas for the challenge. Once at the challenge, the panel was introduced, which included guest panelist and gaming legend David Jaffe.


The challenge consisted of assigning roles to members of each team (2 Builders, 1 Shooter, and 2 Pullers) that were responsible for building a small ice cream truck and shooting at 3 targets while being pulled toward the finish line. Since Team Dollface had the disadvantage, one of their players had to do nothing but ride in the truck as a passenger, essentially making them dead weight. Team Sweet Tooth chose Ninjanomyx & Skyd1ddy to build, Kwajamonster to shoot, and Reality Palez & Akilleezmight to pull. Team Dollface chose Suzkaiden & Asuukaa to build, Krysti Pryde to shoot, J-Tight & Egoraptor to pull, and Burnnibelheim to be the dead weight.

Once the challenge started, Team Dollface came out fast and furious, but to the point where they were being reckless and not taking any advice from the rest of their team. At one point, Suzkaiden got frustrated and started yelling at Asuukaa in Spanish. Asuukaa tells her repeatedly to calm down and speak English so that she can understand her. Meanwhile, Team Sweet Tooth, who took a more slow and steady approach, ends up getting done first and is pulled to the finish line while taking out their targets and wins before Team Dollface is even done building. By winning, Team Sweet Tooth becomes immune from elimination for the week and receives copies of the new Twisted Metal game that are signed by David Jaffe.

During the elimination, the panel calls out Asuukaa, Suzkaiden, and Burnnibelheim.

Asuukaa attempts to plead her case but still ends up being the one that gets sent home.


Joining us once again this week to give the insider perspective on things is Krysti Pryde.



BossSolidSnake: Why was it that the whole house went from being mad at Egoraptor to being mad at Suzkaiden?

Krysti Pryde: Well, I don’t think anyone was mad at Ego really – we were just shocked at how he got a second chance, because that is a Tester first. No one shunned him or anything, despite it seeming unfair, we were glad to have him. I think everyone had made their mind up about Suzkaiden the first day, honestly. The first day it was mentioned by many that they got the “Big Fazeek” vibe from her.

BossSolidSnake: What went through your mind when Suzkaiden came up to you like you’d been conspiring against her?

Krysti Pryde: Well, firstly, I remember that exact moment, I was trying to finish getting ready and was thinking about how I wanted to grab another cup of coffee before the challenge then – BLAM! She turns the corner and is in my face, crying. I literally had no clue what was going on. I can understand being picked last sucks, but it’s not without reason. Regardless, I tried to reassure her.

BossSolidSnake: What was it like getting to play the new Twisted Metal game?

Krysti Pryde: Oh f***. It felt so right. I mean that in the creepiest way possible. Haha, but seriously, I am a huge Twisted Metal fan and had been looking forward to this game, and was elated when I learned it was a Twisted Metal challenge. The level I got to play was so much fun. I wish it had lasted longer.

BossSolidSnake: What were you thinking and feeling while representing your team against Reality Palez to decide who got the disadvantage?

Krysti Pryde: Well, literally no one wanted to play. I knew that Reality was going to more than likely represent his team. I volunteered because it’s a favorite of mine and no one else had any experience playing. I actually felt extremely confident and honored to get to play the game  and against Reality! What was funny to me, was that Reality and I used extremely different strategies. I collected heavy-hitting weapons and tried to focus on staying healed (since dying caused a several second resurrection lag) and Reality just spammed his default machine guns! I was ahead for a while, then we were merely seconds apart and he took it home by mere seconds. It was an awesome battle and we gave each other s*** all day. 🙂

BossSolidSnake: During the challenge, we learned that you used to go shooting with your father. Could you elaborate on that a little or do you have any stories you’d like to share about it, since you didn’t get to show off your skills in the challenge?

Krysti Pryde: My dad is a Military dude and he’s been collecting and shooting guns for as long as I can remember. I learned to shoot guns pretty early on and have pretty decent hand – eye coordination because of it, which I knew would help in that challenge. My dad actually got me Metal Gear Solid and played the entire game through with me, telling me how realistic and unrealistic a lot of the weapons or military aspects of the game were – it was so cool! He showed me that he has the exact same gun that Sniper Wolf used in the game.

BossSolidSnake: Who did you feel was most responsible for your team losing the challenge?

Krysti Pryde: The communication was clearly awful between the two of them, but to me the worst part was Suzkaiden would not listen to the rest of us when we could clearly see what was wrong and did nothing about it. I can understand it’s a frantic situation, but you know what they say, “It takes two to build an ice cream truck” or is it “takes two to tango”? I’m not sure.

BossSolidSnake: What were your thoughts when Asuukaa was eliminated?

Krysti Pryde: I was so upset. This girl is an awesome gamer. She deserved so much to be there and if this situation didn’t happen, I can almost promise she would have made it far, if not won it. I wanted to hang out and game with her more in the loft, and seeing her go under such s***ty and shady circumstances, broke my heart. It came down to who had a more concise argument in the end, I guess and I thought Asuukaa had a much better argument, but that’s the wonders of TV editing for you.

BossSolidSnake: Anything else you’d like to add or any shout-outs you’d like to make?

Krysti Pryde: I’d like to make a shout-out to Meredith’s hair, for being so perfect that it scares me.

Once again, I would like to thank Krysti Pryde for her comments and make sure to activate this week’s Tester Quest on the Activity Board and then swing by Theater 2 to see the new episode of The Tester for yourself, where you can earn the Game Over Ashichan hoodie.

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