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Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder and Team Writer Have you ever wanted to be a Stormtrooper straight from Star Wars? In Home, it’s not just possible, but you can meet […]

Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder and Team Writer

Have you ever wanted to be a Stormtrooper straight from Star Wars? In Home, it’s not just possible, but you can meet people who share your dream. One person in particular saw potential for what would become one of the largest Star War Clubs on Home, Grand Admiral GuardianAngelz47.

Cynella: How long have you been using Home?

GuardianAngelz47: I have been using Home for the past 2 1/2 years.

Cynella: What is your favorite thing about Home?

GuardianAngelz47: I don’t know that I have one specific thing that I’d consider my favorite. But I am thankful for the friendships I have had the opportunity to forge with my past and present club members.


Cynella: What is your least favorite thing about Home?

GuardianAngelz47: Disrespect shown by Home users. All kinds, trolling, bullying. The usual fare.


Cynella: Who are the GE501st?

GuardianAngelz47: The GE 501st is what I consider an elite group of Home users that are committed to the betterment of Home. Our mission statement is, We are a club based on respect.  Respect for friends and fellow club members but most importantly all Home Users. We are also avidly involved in the improvement and upkeep of the Home community by dedicated efforts to provide a fun, safe, and clean environment for all home users to enjoy. The paramilitary structure that the club employs also attracts current and  ex-military personal as well as past, present, and aspiring civil service workers who  want to be part of something with structure and discipline.

Cynella: Who runs GE501st?

GuardianAngelz47: I am the Founder/Leader of the GE 501st and my current second in command  is Lieutenant General xxCOBRAxxDESTRO. We have a number of Non Commissioned Officers that  are the life blood of this club and they can all be found along with the other members on  the complete rosters on our website.

Cynella: How did you come up with the idea to start the club?

GuardianAngelz47: The GE 501st was formed 2 1/2 years ago within the first week of my involvement on Home. I recall spawning into the old mall from Central Plaza and noticing the LucasArts store to my right. Being an avid Star Wars fan I was drawn to the dark side and committed my first of many Home content purchases. Starting out with my fresh off the assembly line TK Stormtrooper uniform. I set out in search for other Home users to help get me acquainted with this new endeavor and stumbled on a few fellow Star Wars fans chatting amongst themselves.  I approached them and introduced myself and after learning more about Home from them I brought up the idea of a Stormtrooper club. Alas the GE 501st was born!


Cynella: What is the official costume for GE501st?

GuardianAngelz47: The GE 501st has a number of Stormtrooper uniforms it uses. The most notable is the TK uniform (Classic Storm Trooper). But we also heavily rely on the Scout Trooper uniform as well as the Officers uniform. More information regarding the uniform standards can be found  in the GE 501st Handbook on our club website as well.


Cynella: What sets GE501st apart from other clubs?

GuardianAngelz47: Like I stated previously, we are a well-disciplined, organized club with strong paramilitary  influence. We conduct line ups with synchronized drills that always attracts a crowd. I don’t want to say we enforce the TOS agreement while we are out but if we noticed users  in violation of the TOS agreement we follow our 3-step procedure of Observe, Report, and Ignore. Observe the violation, Report the violation, and then after the user have been notified of the submitted report that user is Ignored.


Cynella: Where does one find the GE501st in Home?

GuardianAngelz47: Home users can usually find us in the LucasArts Cantina, but we also conduct Community  Relation Events on Friday nights in various public spaces around Home.


Cynella:: How does someone join? What are your requirements?

GuardianAngelz47: If a user is interested in joining the GE 501st they usually speak with one of our Non -Commissioned Officers (NCOs) who are identified by wearing the Scout Trooper Uniform to  begin the recruiting process. These are just some of our requirements, the rest can be found  in the GE 501st Handbook.

Our first requirement is age. We are primarily an 18+ club, but we do accept 16-17 year old members that provide parental consent. We ask for the parental consent because we want to inform the parents that their child will be interacting with an adult group of users and to make sure if they have any questions about the club they are given the opportunity to ask. We want to assure the parents that we are upstanding members not only in the Home network but  also in Real Life and are committed to providing a safe environment for their children to enjoy. Too many parents are unaware of the people their children interact with especially  online. We are trying to be pro-active in showing them that we are conscientious of their child’s online safety.

Our second requirement is a member has to have a microphone. The reasoning behind this is, in order  to successfully interact with each other and the community while in public, we rely heavily on the club and group chat features. This enables us to talk amongst ourselves and allows us to address any and all Home users that we interact with.

Our third  requirement is based around participation. Any club in my opinion is only as good as the effort  put forth by management and more importantly its members. We require that any member of this club  put in at least 2-3 days on Home actually conducting club business. Now when I say 2-3 days, I am  not expecting 10 hour Home sessions but if there is an event we are conducting or a training exercise, we like to see members stop by for maybe an hour or so every couple days. That way we can maintain an average presence and it’s not just one or two people who actually use Home for the club while we have a club roster full of Non-existent members.


Cynella: Do you think LucasArts will release any new items, or are they finished with Home?

GuardianAngelz47: I have  a strong feeling that LucasArts will be releasing new content for Home within the coming months. The saga is being re-released in theaters in 3D beginning in February 2012 so I am saying hopefully,  but I do not think they are done with Home yet.


Cynella: If you could design a club or personal space what would it be? How much would you pay for it?

GuardianAngelz47: I have a list of things I would love to see released by LucasArts a mile long and I would probably pay  a good amount for it too. I have all the Star Wars content currently available and if I had the  opportunity to design a club or personal space to correspond with Star Wars, I would have to say something to do with the Death Star or a Star Destroyer spacecraft. It would be fitting for the Stormtrooper paramilitary club we have.


Cynella: Where can we find GE501st? (Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc. Recruiter PSN ID’s)

GuardianAngelz47: More information on the GE 501st can be found at our club website at

Like us on Facebook, search The GE 501st Follow us on Twitter @501strikeshome. Feel free to add myself GuardianAngelz47 or xxCOBRAXXDESTRO on the PSN for more information or interest in joining our ranks!

Currently, the GE 501st is throwing a fundraiser in honor of Katie Johnson. All donations go straight to Make a Wish Foundation. To learn more: 



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