Silent Hill: Reunions

Written by AkumaPrince; PSHG WebMaster and Team Writer  October 14th, 1994. Who would have thought I’d be going back to the place I’ve been running from for over a year. […]

Written by AkumaPrince; PSHG WebMaster and Team Writer 

October 14th, 1994.

Who would have thought I’d be going back to the place I’ve been running from for over a year. The town, people, family, all of it. I promised myself when I left that I wouldn’t even think of that damned place, let alone go back. I could never forgive my step father for what he did or my mother for what she wouldn’t do.

Truthfully, I don’t know why I’m going. It’s like something’s drawing me back. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a warrant for my arrest there. Especially since good old step dad is the sheriff of that small god forsaken town. Probably told everyone that everything is my fault and that I attacked him without provocation.

Can’t say I’m not curious though. What’s happened to everyone, the town, and my family over the years? I have been gone so long, a lot of things could have changed. I know I have. Being on my own I’ve learned to be self-reliant, self-assured, and confident.

Traveling cross-country can be fun but you also learn a few things as well. For instance, fighting off some nut job now and again. This world we live in is sick and twisted. Most refuse to see it that way, blinded by how they “think” things are supposed to be. The earth is a mighty big rock that we live on, although it seems a majority of people live under it, never really knowing the real world that exists on the surface. We all just go about our lives completely self-involved and believing that what we think is reality, is reality.

The world is more complex than anyone can even imagine. As I found out first hand as I headed back to my home town in West Virginia.

October 18th, 1994

It’s been four days since I started this trek across country to go back. As I head into town I notice that it seems awfully quiet. It is a small town and all, but still. I pass car after car, all seem to have been here a long time undisturbed. Some even have the keys still in them. Walking carefully as to not trip or walk into anything being the fog is so thick, I notice something in the distance. Looks like someone up ahead but the visibility is so poor I can’t tell.

“Hey you…excuse me? Hey, can you hear me?”, I yell while trying my best to get their attention. I run towards the figure to find nothing but a deep and vast gorge. Luckily I was able to grab a sign post before going over and pull myself to safety. “What the hell is going on”, I say aloud.

The building nearby, I can hear what sounds like voices. It’s coming from the sheriff’s station. The door’s open, being held by some overturned furniture. “Hello? Is anybody here?”

“Hey, back here. You gotta help me, they’re gonna kill me. Get me out of here before they come back.”, a voice calls out from the darkness.

“Before who come back?”, I ask.

“I’ll tell you anything you want to know, just get the keys out of the front desk and get me the hell out of here”, says the panicky voice.

“I found’em.” I find the source of the voice, a young deputy sheriff. “You look pretty badly beaten up, you ok?” I ask.

“I’ll be fine, did you find the keys?”

“Yeah, just give me a sec to find the right one.” With that said, I notice a dark figure in the shadows. It’s like it just materialized out of the darkness. “What the hell is that?” I say pointing back behind the officer. “Is someone else in there with you? They look hurt.”

With a wild look in his eye, “I’m alone in here.” He turns as the figure shuffles out of the darkness. “Hurry it’s back, oh god it’s back. I don’t wanna die.”

I hurry with the keys all the while I can’t help but try to get a better look at the thing. It almost looks human, like someone squatting with their hands over their face. Its skin is rough and burnt looking and its limbs seem to be fused together to the rest of its body. If I didn’t know any better I’d say it looks like the body of a person who was victim to a fire.

Just as I unlock the door to the cell the creature’s face splits open to reveal a gaping mouth armed with barb like teeth. Then a barbed tongue shoots out and wraps around the deputy’s neck and pulls him closer. I have never heard screams like that in my whole life. The deputy tried to defend himself but it was futile. The creature pulled him across the cell and enveloped his face with what I think is its mouth. I could still hear the poor officer screaming from inside the creature as he flailed about.

I ran back into the main office and grabbed a riffle off the rack and shot the creature. I was too late to save the deputy though. It had bit his face completely off killing him instantly.

Frightened and confused I sat there on the floor, gun in hand. “What the hell just happened? What the hell is going on around here, where is everybody? Is there more of those things? Did they kill everyone?”

A lot of good it did me to be armed. I put enough shells in that creature to stop a bull elephant. Yet it just stood there after digesting one of our town’s “finest”, and glared at me.

I prayed as fear pushed my bladder into overdrive and a warm stain spread down the crotch of my jeans. “Please God, not like this.” Funny, here I was facing uncertain death and all I could think of was how undignified this type of demise was going to be.

Strange how fight or flight kicks in. You don’t plan it, but I’m pretty sure God does and since I prayed for the first time in 10 years, I must have warranted a miracle.

The adrenalin rush was heavy, convincing me that I had nothing to lose. I was on my feet in a flash, the butt of the rifle heading towards his foul-smelling mouth. It made a bone crunching sound as it found its target.

The creature screamed in agony, spewing bile down the front of my shirt. I cursed. I had just bought that shirt. Indignant about that thing wasting my last dollar, I pointed the rifle from the business end and fired.

It reeled backwards. A shocked expression covered what doubled as a face. It placed both hands on the gaping wound in its chest. Damn, the thing actually looked sad. Feeling no empathy, I shot again. The rifle recoiled, sending a sharp white-hot pain through my shoulder…my turn to scream.

Suddenly it gave me a “back to what it should be doing” look and took a step towards me. I backed up. Grace was still with me, because the doorway that was behind me offered refuge as I tripped and fell backwards through it.

It took a second for me to find my sea legs. I jumped up and ran. Too scared to look back, I sprinted like last year’s Olympic gold medal winner.

The fog hid me while the mud sucked up my trail. I found myself in a thicket; must have run to the outskirts of town. I hid and tried to do a little deep breathing trick I had picked up during my vagabond excursions. Finally got my “calm” on and found the courage to turn around and make sure I was not followed.

Hate to keep referring to the “Big Guy,” but I dropped to my knees to give thanks. I checked out my surroundings and covered my hiding place as best as I could and settled in. It was getting dark and I needed to stay there til daylight.

Adrenalin eased from my system, relaxing my body and stripping me of my” superhuman” powers. I laid on the hard ground. I was safe. My eyelids drooped, sleep commanding attention. I exhaled, one long, deep breath. I knew I should plan my next move, but it could wait until tomorrow.

I could hear the night sounds of the thicket. They were lulling me to sleep. I knew I should have stayed awake longer to identify the voices of the night but I didn’t and now I have to face the consequence…

October 19th, 1994

The sound of an air raid siren is heard from all around and is loud enough to wake the dead.  Well, it woke me anyways.  Disoriented I slowly get up and look around as a darkness grows and so does the impending feeling of doom.  The sky turned black and I swear the ground and everything around me seems to be changing before my eyes.

“I must be hallucinating”, I say to myself.  “what the hell is going on?”

Strange sounds and odd shapes form as the darkness grows deeper till everything is black.  With the lighter in my pocket I light my surroundings and to my horror I see that I am not alone.

Strange creatures kind of like the one I encountered at the sheriffs office are slinking towards me.  At first they just looked like deformed shadows but as they get closer I can see the horror before me.  Bloodied torsos with no head or legs pull themselves closer with long thin arm-like appendages, dragging slowly, leaving a trail of black slime.

Frightened but still curious I watch intensely until one gets just within arms length.  Just before reaching out for me, the torso pulsates and it exposes an enormous eye and looks right at me.  With its long arm it reaches out grabbing at my feet.  Panicking I push back and scramble to my feet, once standing I turn and run.

“Shit, I dropped the gun!”, as I turn around I see one of the creatures has slithered over part of the gun and its black slime is eroding it like acid.  “Screw that.”

I run as fast as I can looking for any landmarks I recognize.  Making a few quick turns I see that I’m actually on the street of my old house.

As I get closer something does not feel right.  I reach the front walkway of my old house and just as I start to go up it there is a loud rumbling sound and the front door flies open.  The brightest light I had ever seen is pouring out of the house via every opening but is more brilliant through the front door that is standing open.  Faintly I see what looks like the shape of a person standing in the doorway.  Shielding my eyes I hear a voice in my head whispering “remember”.  Not like if the figure in the doorway was speaking more like thinking but it was not me.  It repeats over and over pounding in my head as pain increases I drop to my knees and cover my ears screaming, “REMEMBER….REMEMBER….REMEMBER…………”.  The pain gets to be too unbearable and with one last scream I drop to the ground unconscious.

The bright light fades and I find myself standing in front of my house again, but something is different.  The fog is gone, it’s now day, and things just look like they used to, not as they did just before the light.  I think to myself, “Great, now what?  Ok, calm down just go look around”.

Talking can be heard as I reach the front door but as I get closer the talking turns to yelling and screaming.  I open the door and rush in to find my Step-Father beating my mother, but this seems so familiar.  I mean he did beat her often but this exact scene is familiar.  Looking down at my arm I see and feel something, a gun.  Loaded and with the hammer pulled back, the gun is armed and ready to be fired.

Without thinking I instinctively raise the gun and fire off all but 2 bullets into my Step-Father killing him.  My mother is hysterical and screams at me, “What the hell did you do?  You Killed him!”.

Even though I just saved her life she comes at me with a knife that was on the table.  Before she gets close enough I fire off another shot hitting her right in the eye, blowing out the back of her head.  Her body falls to the floor twitching slightly as blood pools around her.

Confused on what is going on I realize the reality of the situation.  Horrified as to what happened I start to cry.  “Oh my god what did I do.  I’m so sorry mother I didn’t want to shoot you, why did you have to come at me like that”, I say aloud as I kneel next to my mother’s body.

The house darkens as I hear the voice yet again “remember”.  Louder and louder it becomes.  I try to run but I can not escape, the darkness has me trapped.  I trip over my mother’s body and land on the body of my step father.  The light and the figure are back and again I hear the voice so loud my skull feels like its going to shatter “REMEMBER!!!”

Horrific creatures stand in a circle around the light, me, and the bodies of my mother and step father.  They just stand there breathing heavily with their chests heaving.  Not sure if they are going to attack and kill me or what, a hand comes out of the light and grabs me by my shirt.

“REMEMBER!!!!”, it screams as it slowly steps out of the light.  Its face is mangled but clearly human.  Jaw barely hanging by a dead piece of skin, blood and brains oozing from multiple head wounds and even more dripping out the back of its head from a large open wound.  Again it screams, “REMEMBER DAMN YOU!!!!”.

That voice, it sounds so familiar”, I think to myself.  Then I notice it, the clothing match mine down to the pattern on my shirt.  “What the hell is going on?”, I ask aloud.

With its other hand it grabs my head and pulls me close whispering in my ear “you will remember”.  Then it slams my head back into the counter and images come flooding back.  The years of abuse, seeing my mother get beat over and over.  Me fighting back and killing my step dad and mother just like I did again a few moments ago.  But there’s something else, something I couldn’t bring myself to grasp.  I take the gun and put the barrel in my mouth and pull the trigger.  There’s a loud bang and a flash so bright it blinds me as I feel all the creatures clawing at my flesh, “I remember…”

October 13th, 1993

Police lights fill the night as officers are taping off the area and interviewing neighbors.  “For the record what’s your name mam?”, asked officer Jones.

“Me? Oh, sorry just a bit shaken up.  I just came home from work to all this so I’m still a little confused.  My name is Cindy”, answered the next door neighbor.

“Did you know the family?”

“Barely, I just moved here a few weeks ago.  Why what’s going on?”, Cindy asked puzzled.

“Have there been any disturbances that you know of?  Other neighbors I have interviewed said there’s been signs of abuse and even have called us to come out on reports of domestic disturbance.  Any of this sound familiar?”

“No, I’m sorry officer.  Like I said I just moved here and have been going to my classes during the day and working nights so I haven’t been here.”

“Ok, thank you.  We’ll be in touch if there’s any thing else we need to go over.  Oh, and welcome to Silent Hill mam”, said Officer Jones as he walks over to the bodies laid out in body bags on the lawn.  “So what’s it look like?”, he asked the on site coroner.

“Just a simple murder/suicide.  Looks like the husband had been beating on his wife here and the son shot and killed them both.”

“What about the kid?”

“He’s over here”, the coroner points to the 3rd body bag over. “Was kinda creepy though.”

“How so?”

“Well he was still alive when I got here, even with the massive head injury he just kept repeating ‘remember’ over and over again.  Not sure why.”

Officer Jones walks over and opens the bag to be shaken by what he saw.  “God damn, in all my years I’ve never seen anything like that.”, he looked in horror at the boy.  What frightened him most of all is the look of sheer terror on the boys face.  “What was going through his head before he died?”, he thought to himself.

“Hopefully he’s at peace now, him and the parents”, said the coroner.

“Yeah I suppose.  With that look on his face I can only hope.”


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