Baron’s Eggcellent Plan


Written by Cynella; PSHG Founder and Team Writer 

This article was originally written for last Easter, but since they have re-released the Baron’s Eggcellent Plan we thought we would re-publish it.

Lockwood released a new active item last week, Baron’s Eggcellent Plan. After looking at my friends pictures of her playing the game, I decided to go ahead and purchase the game for myself. You are buying the Goose Active Item seen below.

When you walk up to the Goose, you can begin the Eggcellent game, in which you run around and collect eggs for points. The eggs are all worth different points: 1 point, 5 points, 10 points, 15 points, 50 points, 100 points, and 1,000 points. I’m not sure which color are worth which, except I do know the Red eggs are worth 100 points, and the Gold eggs are worth 1,000 points. In order to gain the most points possible, it is best to place this game in a small empty apartment such as the Harbor Studio or the Zombie Space. I went to Darla’s Den and boarded myself up in a corner using my Cabinets from Siren to make the space much smaller.

There are several prizes that you can win by playing this game:

After seeing this picture on Lockwood’s Facebook Page, I was excited about purchasing the game.  While playing the first thing I won was the Hat, excited I kept playing working towards all of the goals. After a while, I asked a friend, how many points do I need to win the Easter dress, and was disappointed to find out that I had to also purchase the Swan sorceress wand for 99 cents. I’m still debating on spending the extra money, especially after I already spent $2.49 on the game. I do have to admit the dress is very pretty.

The next reward I won, was the butterflies, pictured above. I do like how pretty they are, but have heard several comments from different people about them being flies, and dont forget the comments about proper hygiene! Several friends have told me that they wished the butterflies were Head items, instead of being hand items.

Next up, I won the Golden egg. Rumor has it that on Easter, Goslings will replace the eggs. They will be a companion item. Aren’t they adorable?

There is also a Log Bench available as a reward, and the final reward appears to look like a Sandwich in the picture, yet the only way to unlock it, is for the Community to band together and rack up points for a Community Score. I will add that prize here, when it unlocks.

Overall, this active item is worth purchasing if you like the rewards above. The butterflies, hat, and Goslings are worth the $2.49 to me. You just have to ask yourself, if you are going for the White Easter Clothes, if an additional 99 cents is worth it to you. The more I think about it, the more that answer is becoming a yes.  Otherwise, the game has no replay value after all of the rewards are achieved.

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